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  1. CLUnit: A Common Lisp Unit Testing Framework.
  2. Author(s): Tapiwa H.M. Gutu
  3. Maintainer(s): cage
  4. Update history:
  5. DD/MM/YY
  6. 15/04/2018
  7. Forked repository [cage]
  8. 10/11/12
  9. Redefined methods of the generic function EXPAND-FIXTURE to
  10. specialize on the test suite name instead of class to solve some
  11. fringe cases with unintended effects. [THMG]
  12. 17/11/12
  13. Reduced the use of generic functions internally, now its a
  14. combination of hash table lookups and stored objects.
  15. Added support for explicit function test dependency declarations.
  16. Added support for automatic re-run of failed tests via (RERUN-FAILED-TESTS)
  17. [THMG]
  18. 18/11/12
  19. Added extra assertion test forms: ASSERT-EQUALITY and ASSERT-FAIL. [THMG]
  20. 20/12/12
  21. Added functions to query various information about the defined
  22. test cases and test suites e.g. returning a list of all defined
  23. test names. [THMG]
  24. 03/01/13
  25. Defined a new macro UNDEFFIXTURE which is used to undefine a
  26. previously defined test suite fixture.
  27. Updated the documentation to include a new entry for the
  28. UNDEFFIXTURE macro.
  29. Modified the default error reporting function so that it skips the
  30. detailed failure reports section if there is nothing to report.
  31. Tweaked the reporting of ASSSERT-TRUE to say 'Expected: (NOT NIL)'
  32. instead of 'Expected: T', since it expects a generalized boolean.
  33. BUGFIX: The functions RUN-TEST and RERUN-FAILED-TESTS were using
  34. the undefined variable *QUEUED-TESTS* instead of
  36. [THMG]