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  unknown 31c873315d * Updated the documentation. 7 years ago
  unknown c0a4e9d99c * Exported the symbols :clunit-test-reports :clunit-test-report-name :clunit-test-report-passed-p 7 years ago
  unknown a19d50fd78 * Modified the macro ASSERT-CONDITION to not catch unspecified errors that might occur 7 years ago
  unknown 6b960ac91d * Modified the reporting to print only the symbol name for tests and suites, 7 years ago
  unknown 060702f459 * Updated documentation. 7 years ago
  unknown 32d4eafeb5 - Modified the style.xsl for transforming the API xml documentation. 7 years ago
  unknown 52295777ff * Reverted to the old ASSERT-EQUALITY marco and added ASSERT-EQUALITY* for the one that 7 years ago
  unknown 3889121c69 * Due to the constant folding feature in most compilers, certain constant forms 7 years ago
  unknown 2e3e32f3de * Updated definition of ASSERT-EQUALITY macro so that the test function is now controlled by the 7 years ago
  unknown 34a95df4b1 * BUGFIX: Fixed an undefined variable error, I had forgotten to change a variable name so the old name was left dangling somewhere. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu ebcf34c590 * Defined a new macro UNDEFFIXTURE which is used to undefine a previously defined test suite fixture. 7 years ago
  unknown a95b0eb2d9 * Updated the documentation to reflect information about the new query functions 7 years ago
  unknown bca4a20cc6 * Added functions to query information about defined test cases and test suites. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 1ac0d6cd61 * Changed the default report heading for failure from 'DETAILS' => 'FAILURE DETAILS' 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 22ada81742 * Defined new assertion forms ASSERT-FAIL and ASSERT-EQUALITY. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu e56d757184 * Defined a the new function RERUN-FAILED-TESTS to automatically rerun failed tests. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu d3fbb1aa40 * Modfied the print-report-format methods to comply with the new class definitions. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 37bec1e4ba * Created a new folder for report format functions. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 883e1ac653 * Updated the ASSERTION-CONDITION signalling and progress reporting function definitions. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 0edd80a499 * Defined a new ASSERTION-CONDITION hierarchy. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 5022568ba6 * Library now supports the ability to define explicity test dependencies. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 5bbf67fa32 * New definitions for RUN-SUITE and EXECUTE-TEST-SUITE functions. 7 years ago
  Tapiwa Gutu 7e899c3398 * Wrote the skeleton definition for the new EXECUTE-TEST-CASE function. 7 years ago