Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cage e96656be60 - updated asdf. 1 year ago
  cage 201ff5f03e - removed wrong type specification. 1 year ago
  cage 85c054663b - in 'aabb-expand' passing nil as first argument will returns a new 1 year ago
  cage 2933a48701 - increased version. 1 year ago
  cage 1faa0cf7be - added macro 'with-fill-stroke'; 1 year ago
  cage ba1ee042cd - added function 'aabb-expand'. 1 year ago
  cage 212167f01f - changed package name: from 'cl-colors' to 'cl-colors2'; 2 years ago
  cage 558657c6ff - added some utility functions (mostly related to axis aligned 2 years ago
  cage 93bb5a1da0 - made the source compile with sbcl 1.5.9 without warning. 2 years ago
  cage 0f3f039564 - restored templates functions (with a disclaimer about library version); 2 years ago
  cage 66a320d0fe - unfortunately template system does not works 2 years ago
  cage d4f80d8895 - updated README. 2 years ago
  cage a5edadf959 - added callback for writing to a stream. 2 years ago
  cage cab1fd0a8b - fixed value of function 'begin-template'. 2 years ago
  cage c4550eaa40 - specialized 'make-load-form' for 'page-size'; 2 years ago
  cage e47b97513f - added function 'rounded-rectangle'; 2 years ago
  cage 84a6a1516a - improved fitting of text with spaces in 'accomodate-text' 2 years ago
  cage 00d386b77c - added note about nickname dropping. 2 years ago
  cage 4c18fc689e - removed 'ps' package nickname. 2 years ago
  cage 7b01a9ea77 - using web issue tracker. 3 years ago
  cage f3ce10a508 - updated email. 3 years ago
  cage 8e6d96a9dc switched to cl-colors2. 3 years ago
  cage 6d6cd9b2b4 - added a better fitting of long string in a box; 4 years ago
  cage 759b90e209 - removed plaintext README; 4 years ago
  cage 85b85b2c6f - Merge josrr/master: New open-image method. 4 years ago
  José Ronquillo Rivera dd184c029a New open-image method 4 years ago
  cage 1b43a30cc7 - added a plaintext README 4 years ago
  cage 4c5885c817 - added entry to TODO file. 4 years ago
  cage 2a81c8df8c - used loop macro in with-list->foreign-array; 4 years ago
  José Ronquillo Rivera 5faa222ab5 Replaced mapc by map 4 years ago