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  cage 795aedee59 - [BREAKS API] changed package name from cl-color to cl-colors2 6 months ago
  cage bb55831bff - added function 'color-equals'. 7 months ago
  cage 023405e14f - using compiler-macro for 'as-rgb'. 1 year ago
  cage 89cbb7b24e - added parsing of color names having spaces; 1 year ago
  cage bc80918bf5 - "as-rgb" accept a color name as parameter and makes a lookup on the 1 year ago
  cage 67f3c8fdd0 - exported copy-* symbols, removed non-existents ones. 1 year ago
  cage 1348d3b0cd - fixed URL of the issue tracker in README. 1 year ago
  cage 9b1acb6b55 - updated email. 2 years ago
  cage 6f22048e8c - updated README to mark this version as a fork; 2 years ago
  cage 9ebf17631a - changed name of the systems. 2 years ago
  cage 38ea1529a6 - changed link for reporting issues plus others minor modifications to 2 years ago
  cage 148afe9ed6 - using 'clunit2' instead of 'lift' as unit test library. 2 years ago
  cage 915d7a9015 - added license file. 2 years ago
  cage 971bba9498 - removed orphaned notice; 2 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp 8274105845 Fixed formatting. 2 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp eb17ffc17b Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp 97c449c990 Added note about unsupported. 2 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp 1867afb1fe Merge pull request #10 from rick-monster/master 4 years ago
  The Hairy One efec05ae45 this is a fix to make cl-cairo2 compile on ccl 4 years ago
  Tamas K. Papp 9340ccdffe Merge pull request #9 from Ferada/master 5 years ago
  Olof-Joachim Frahm ebce1302e0 Fix exported symbol names. 5 years ago
  tpapp 7d127dcdf7 Merge branch 'development' 5 years ago
  tpapp 95ad9a95bb Rewrote parsing of color definitions. 5 years ago
  tpapp bc9b0415da Merge pull request #5 from rpav/master 6 years ago
  Ryan Pavlik aa3ad8e117 Use DEFPARAMTER instead of DEFINE-CONSTANT 6 years ago
  tpapp 1a306305f0 Minor corrections. 6 years ago
  tpapp 4521690401 Merge pull request #4 from Ferada/hex-colors 6 years ago
  Olof-Joachim Frahm a1b3ad40b6 Add some test cases. 6 years ago
  Olof-Joachim Frahm 4d2d7b168c Added and exported PRINT- and PARSE-HEX-RGB. 6 years ago
  tpapp 5973ebe3be Integrated the tests (actually, a single one) into a formal framework. 8 years ago