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  1. {
  2. "version":"4.2.2",
  3. "changelog":"- Re-added login with email / password with captcha popup (Doesn't work on Server Mode)\r\n- Reorganized Settings\r\n- ID3 default is now the only option for MP3 date format (If you had that selected you should change that or do a clean install)\r\n- Added link analyzer\r\n- Added support for spotify tracks and albums via urls and uri\r\n- Added %bitrate% and %date% to album folder name\r\n- Added %date% to tracknames\r\n- Added %position% for playlist tracknames\r\n- Added %isrc%, %upc% and %album_id%\r\n- Added option to enable or disable search fallback\r\n- Added option to create album/artist/cd folders for playlists as well\r\n- Added option to save playlist as a compilation (it overwrites original tags with the playlist one)\r\n- Added more UI elements to display errors\r\n- Added error log when clicking on error sign in the Download Tab\r\n- Added quality selection to remaining download buttons\r\n- Fixed certificate error while looking for updates\r\n- Fixed spotify playlist conversion problems\r\n- Fixed tags problems\r\n- Other Minor improvments"
  4. }