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Subcriber is a download manager for youtube-dl, that allows you to stay subscribed to channels without having to browse youtube directly. It was created in a response to youtube's algorithm for recommendations, which highly favor far right wing ideologues. I also wrote it to help me browse youtube less in general.

Right now it needs to be manually run, but it's planned to daemonize Subscriber and have it run as a systemd service. This will be avialable in my 1.0 release.

Running subscriber

Right now I'm still working on this service, but it will generate a settings.json file that I recommend you look at. You can adjust the settings on a per channel basis, but otherwise it's pretty self explanatory. Right now Subscriber supports

  • Using a system proxy
  • User specified directory for channel
  • Limiting date of videos you want downloaded (so you don't have to download all the videos for a channel)

Setting it up

I have only tested in on Linux so far, but you should be able to pip install -r requirements.txt and it will download the needed modules, after that it's as easy as python and it should run.

Planned Features before 1.0 release:

  • .rpm package in copr repository
  • Being able to run subscriber as a systemd service