Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Brigham Henry Keys 2655e89d59 Removed usage of SDL Renderer in place of OpenGL context and now it works 1 year ago
  Brigham Henry Keys 45a2bbb836 bundled dependencies 1 year ago
  ComradeKeys 47f0a16607 Added compiler strictness 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys ccb4897ada Created a port from the GNU AutoTools to CMake 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 370d602a42 Added posting of obstacle number 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 521aacf9a2 Added rotation for pots 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 2ae8b3bdad updated changelog 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 49d6fa4796 Recorded game, added scoring feature 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 8635c0715b added to readme, and fixed spawning problems 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys c01bf86fce removed o files 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 43bc4fecd2 put the pause feature back in 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys a2e1336445 Added minor touches to game 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys ea03132bc7 Added a few bug fixes 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys e651e7c478 C++ port is complete 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 96656115f1 Reimplemented snake using linked list 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 53a9a6f86d Put all elements in container; began new implementation of snake 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 8f1d6e4b4a Made the fruit into an object of it's own 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 0c7257f42b Ported project to SDL2 and some ground for C++ 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys d22f27f6cf Cleaned up 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys fa5aeb917b Ported project to use GNU autotools and began port to C++ 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 3296d4a3b2 Added new visual effects to the obstacle and the fruit 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys f3c392899e fixed initialization issues 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 5f0ba1367c Added new 3d effects 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 8e3641b7ed Fixed fruit sqawning on top of other elements 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 26259b523d Fixed collision not occuring on the edges of the arena 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 42e083a72e Added WASD controls for the snake 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 8774ca05d9 Added readme 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys 0e9237eef8 removed object files 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys b90411af9f Added self collision 4 years ago
  ComradeKeys eb5867b0d4 added obstacles 4 years ago