A 100% free/libre 3D derby-style shooter game.

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DMUX is a game about customizing cars, joining a team and fighting other cars, however not all game modes are this way. One could think of DMUX as a free/libre version of Twisted Metal.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make # optionally add -j4 for threading

That will compile all the dependencies and the project, after it's building simply invoke the dmux binary to start the game.


Coming soon.


Customizing a car in the garage


Players aiming at eachother

Online Play


There are always things needed to be done, just put up an issue or something to let me know you want to get involved, and I will answer quite promptly.

If you want to donate, or offer some material help rather than direct action, I always accept donations in the form of candy. My favorite candy can be bought here. If a lot of people care then I will eventually set up a bitcoin wallet.

There is also the CONTRIBUTORS.md file where I documented all the things that helped me create DMUX, if you do not contribute to DMUX, please consider supporting these projects/people as they make the world a better place.

The DMUX project is a member project of Peers, a free software community, who's common goal is supporting and growing free projects such as this one.


DMUX is licensed as free (libre) software. All code in this project is licensed with the GNU Affero GPLv3. The assets are under various Free Culture licenses, please consult the CONTRIBUTORS.md file for the specific license of each asset.