Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adam Pioterek 59b4ca58bc adapt to new ProtonMail authentication 1 week ago
  Adam Pioterek efaf52ff52 make Message compatible with mobile 1 week ago
  Adam Pioterek aa2f9e619e change NewAccount(): Account to NewAccount(): *Account for mobile 2 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek a02eeb4d4b change KeyKind (int) type to int for mobile 2 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek 15aa8ced7b split authentication with manual key password setting 2 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek 219ad1ceb8 add ctags 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek adb8bc2c3b add mobile dependency 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek 87fb695ec9 save message draft 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek f400b01575 make railway functions stable 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek 94cd5e07bb use ‘Other’ as app-version 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek e356484fd5 retrieve addresses from server 3 weeks ago
  Adam Pioterek 8f67d35bd5 add documentation 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek e95b23689e tidy up 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek 39116fb253 perform Revoke and Refresh requests on auth token 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek 156cca4979 remove dev proxy 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek d576c1c344 decrypt auth token (fully authenticate an account) 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek 9f4b5e642e refactor authentication 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek 852f15678b perform SRP authentication 1 month ago
  Adam Pioterek 0b227a63a6 add gitignore 1 month ago