Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 9706ae0404 Rip out SDL 2 years ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 57aab1c64c Feed the Y plane through the texture 2 years ago
  Cheehan 3c4ba5855b Use unique_ptr 4 years ago
  Cheehan aff44feeed Remove extra includes 4 years ago
  Cheehan 609cceb22a Remove FFmpeg from display 4 years ago
  Cheehan 194f886346 Remove extra include 4 years ago
  Cheehan 30387e8653 Label member variables 4 years ago
  Cheehan dd3cb26c9a Use initializer braces 4 years ago
  Cheehan 121c297242 Minor stylistic changes 4 years ago
  Cheehan 91cee0a412 Astyle tidy. 6 years ago
  Cheehan fc1133f6f0 Use SDL2 instead of SDL. 6 years ago
  Cheehan Weereratne abbb9e736e Minor clean up. 6 years ago
  Cheehan b9063261dc Includes and using. 6 years ago
  Cheehan 4c59260a1d Working video player synced to master clock 6 years ago