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  Alyssa Rosenzweig 9706ae0404 Rip out SDL 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig fc774cc6e2 Clarify MIT licensed part 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 58739b1fee Seperate y 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 1df496f99b Reenable and switch to linear now that it works with Panfrost 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 92ff48e4bf Continue 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 40492d75d9 Force viewport for now 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig e1605bbbc8 Make less bad 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 57aab1c64c Feed the Y plane through the texture 1 year ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 988bbf8f71 Import freedreno code 1 year ago
  Cheehan Weereratne 57ab51b712 Fix README formatting 2 years ago
  Cheehan Weereratne 82507df4ff Fix README formatting 2 years ago
  Cheehan 9e133dac1a Add basic instructions to REAME 2 years ago
  Cheehan b60193b504 Use C++14 for std::make_unique 2 years ago
  Cheehan 12dac0808a Use AVCodecParameters instead of AVCodec 2 years ago
  Cheehan 0906a4001b Use new send/receive decoding API 2 years ago
  Cheehan 369d7d70b3 Capture exceptions thrown from separate threads 2 years ago
  Cheehan a69ff847c5 Limit line length to 79 characters 2 years ago
  Cheehan 46f23c44ec Add missing include 2 years ago
  Cheehan e2ba865a88 Add const to exception 2 years ago
  Cheehan b94f8867ba Split container into separate files 3 years ago
  Cheehan fd3a973877 Split container into demuxer, decoder and converter 3 years ago
  Cheehan 6fe3883b4e Add trivial test make target 3 years ago
  Cheehan cc26a72ca4 Reorder container functions 3 years ago
  Cheehan 7e561588bd Remove FFmpeg av_register_all once_flag 3 years ago
  Cheehan 793f1fe425 Use STL instead of FFmpeg in timer 3 years ago
  Cheehan 3c4ba5855b Use unique_ptr 3 years ago
  Cheehan aff44feeed Remove extra includes 3 years ago
  Cheehan 609cceb22a Remove FFmpeg from display 3 years ago
  Cheehan 194f886346 Remove extra include 3 years ago
  Cheehan 30387e8653 Label member variables 3 years ago