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% PAGAMIGO(1) % Alyssa Rosenzweig % July 2018


pagamigo - free software script to pay with PayPal


pagamigo [options] [--username username] [--password password]


Use an online shop and opt to pay with Paypal. You will be redirected to a URL like:

Copy that URL to your clipboard. Then, from the command line run:

$ pagamigo redirect

Follow the directions on-screen prompting you to enter your PayPal credentials and to paste this URL.

By default, this connects to production. For the sandbox, use:

$ pagamigo --base

For peer-to-peer money transfer ("Send money"), instead use:

$ pagamigo send-money

Pagamigo, while interactive by default, is entirely configurable by arguments as well. For instance:

$ pagamigo send-money --to sunset@chs.eq --amount 10.00 --username --password hunter2 --debug

See the usage for details.

$ pagamigo --help


Python (version 3) must be installed.

The following Python modules need to be installed: requests, lxml, cssselect.

The following external programs need to be installed: feh.

On Debian-based systems, these can be installed as:

# apt install python3-requests python3-lxml python3-cssselect feh