This repository contains code to work with vocabulary (JSON) files via REPL. No other user interface is provided.

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A program for exploring vocabulary files on the REPL. Hopefully providing enough useful procedures.


Run with GNU Guile to use. Use the provided =Makefile=: make


(define myvoc (vocabulary-filter voc §not-learned (make-relevance-filter 3 >=))) (percentage (stat-learned voc))

All native meanings of not learned HSK3 words

(vector-map (λ (ind elem) (alist-refs elem '("translation-data" "native"))) (vocabulary-words (vocabulary-filter (? voc "hsk3") §not-learned)))

Refine searches

Search results can be searched again:

(? (? voc "hsk3") "grammar")

;; or shorter

(?? voc "hsk3" "grammar")

(vocabulary-filter (? voc "hsk3") §not-learned)

Train vocabulary

Search results can be trained:

(train (?? voc "hsk3" "grammar"))