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Fantasy Vacation Planner

This project contains a program for simulating an imaginary vacation trip.


The program depends on the following software:

  • GNU Guile 3.0.4 – Earlier versions not tested, but the program is not using anything special, so probably an earlier version will work just fine, as long as the other required libraries exist for that earlier version.
  • guile-json of GNU Guix commit (revision) 8518a3692cbb9cd96d69c03e9de9ad6fdcfebbee – Other versions were not tested. However, the program does not use advanced features of the library, so other versions will probably work fine as well.

Potential dependencies

  • The provided GNU Guix environment specification depends on GNU Guix being installed.


Clone the repository using:

git clone --recurse-submodules --remote-submodules URL

Or, if you are using an older version of git:

git clone URL
git submodule update --init --recursive

A GNU Guix environment setup script is provided in guix-env/env.bash. You can run it using GNU Bash from the root directory of the cloned repository:

bash guix-env/env.bash

After which you will have the required libraries to run the program. You can run the program from the root directory of this project as follows:

    guile -L . main.scm

Alternatively, you can mke use of the provided GNU Bash script in the root directory of the cloned repostitory:

bash start.bash

If you do not have GNU Guix installed, you need to consult the list of dependencies and make sure you got them satisfied, before running the program.

Configuring the journey

Events that can occur while travelling as well as the difficulty of the journey are specified in story-parameters.json.

Configuring participating players

The players and their routes are specified in story.json.

Validating the configuration files

There are JSON schemas given for configuration files as ...-schema.json. To make use of them, you may use any program you want to use for validating the configuration files against their corresponding JSON schema. A little Python 3 program is given in, which validates using the jsonschema library from PyPI. To use it do the following:

  1. Run bash python-env/env.bash from the root directory of this project, to create a Python venv.
  2. Run source python-env/venv/bin/activate to activate the venv.
  3. Run the validation program using python3