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  trancetip df1424743e Added support for controller-value-based legato in the MidiPlayer. 4 years ago
  trancetip 9c6cef51c4 Refactored code. 4 years ago
  trancetip 92c18260db Added new example SoundHelix-Guitar.xml. 4 years ago
  trancetip f96c3a2987 Cleaned up code. 4 years ago
  trancetip 8d38f9f1fc Cleaned up code. 4 years ago
  trancetip 8966aa0a16 Fixed typo. 4 years ago
  trancetip 924499e275 Added dummy changelog entry. 4 years ago
  trancetip 24fad02ae7 Bumped version. 4 years ago
  trancetip 630915b7d7 Set version to release version. 4 years ago
  trancetip 333c9261e2 Fixed Checkstyle settings. 4 years ago
  trancetip 88131d3bc3 Updated settings. 4 years ago
  trancetip f8b35a3ea8 Updated/added chords. 4 years ago
  trancetip 2845067802 Removed deprecated tag obeyChordSubtype from various SequenceEngine implementations. 4 years ago
  trancetip b606f44563 Cleaned up code. 4 years ago
  trancetip b3daf4ad28 Improved help message. 4 years ago
  trancetip 10f6352ac4 Imporved Checkstyle settings. 4 years ago
  trancetip d8790e7ea2 Changed build script to use Java 7 target. 4 years ago
  trancetip 6082bbc219 Fixed settings for Java 7. 4 years ago
  trancetip ce3439d18e Fixed JRE container setting. 4 years ago
  trancetip d1dd9bbc42 Cleaned up code. 4 years ago
  trancetip 74d0b4ddf5 Fixed typos. 4 years ago
  trancetip e319856060 Fixed documentation. Added check if play() is already running. 4 years ago
  trancetip 4ffca6cc5b Fixed documentation. 4 years ago
  trancetip 7b3c8403c5 Changed Player API to support proper playback abortion. Changed MidiPlayer accordingly. 4 years ago
  trancetip 57210a5bf5 Added documentation. 4 years ago
  trancetip 1cf113ba11 Added support for stopping playback by sending a STOP MIDI message. 4 years ago
  trancetip 2538f1ed23 Fixed required Java plugin. 5 years ago
  trancetip 7dcdc7a2c0 Cleaned up code. 5 years ago
  trancetip 0c377c9511 Fixed format. 5 years ago
  trancetip 01be909291 Chord sections are now output with beats as lengths, rather than ticks. 5 years ago