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2022-07-12 Version 77.1.0 (112)

  • Thanks for the Weblate contribution from: Oğuz Ersen and 109247019824
  • Restore Iceraven
  • Rework UI to allow the download of EOL apps

2022-07-10 Version 77.0.3 (111)

  • Thanks for the Weblate contributors: WhiredPlanck, 109247019824, Oğuz Ersen, Giovanni Donisi, MkQtS and Hin Weisner
  • Improve notification text when the background update check fails for five days in a row (old value: two days, but was too low for some users).
  • Improve crash report and timestamp of last successful background update check

2022-07-04 Version 77.0.1 (109)

  • Thanks for Juraj Motuz, Oğuz Ersen, WhiredPlanck, Deleted User, 109247019824 and Hin Weisner for improving the translation.
  • Fix logic bug in extracting the signature from apps or apk files.

2022-07-03 Version 77.0.0 (108)

  • Thanks for WhiredPlanck, Juraj Motuz, 109247019824, AbsurdUsername, Oğuz Ersen, MkQtS, Hin Weisner and Giovanni Donisi for improving the translation.
  • Mark Ungoogled Chromium and Iceraven temporary as end-of-life.
  • Add Mull browser.
  • Improve caching of update information.
  • Refactor/Improve source code.

2022-06-27 Version 76.0.1 (107)

  • Thanks MkQtS, Viktória Nagy, 109247019824, AbsurdUsername, Oğuz Ersen, Artem, Hin Weisner for improving the translation.
  • Mark Mozilla Lockwise as end-of-life (thanks p0yskaa for the information).
  • Show warning when an end-of-life app is used.
  • Cache UpdateCheckResult in preferences - this should be more reliable than the previous caching method
  • Improve contrasts of colors.

2022-06-27 Version 76.0.0 (106)

  • Thanks MkQtS, Viktória Nagy, 109247019824, AbsurdUsername, Oğuz Ersen, Artem, Hin Weisner for improving the translation.
  • Mark Mozilla Lockwise as end-of-life (thanks p0yskaa for the information).
  • Show warning when an end-of-life app is used.
  • Cache UpdateCheckResult in preferences - this should be more reliable than the previous caching method
  • Improve contrasts of colors.

2022-06-19 Version 75.5.3 (105)

  • Thanks 109247019824, AHOHNMYC, Oğuz Ersen, Artem, Hin Weisner, AbsurdUsername and metezd for improving the translation
  • Try to fix crashes when the download of updates failed in the background
  • Add option to hide warning buttons

2022-06-09 Version 75.5.2 (104)

  • Try to fix the "Can't find signatures of the APK file." bug

2022-06-08 Version 75.5.1 (103)

  • Thanks for Hin Weisner, WhiredPlanck, Giovanni Donisi, Vitor Henrique, 109247019824, AHOHNMYC, Oğuz Ersen, ToldYouThat and Francois Marier for improving the translation
  • Thanks Francois Marier for fixing the Brave updater logic - beta and nightly versions not tested by Q&A will be ignored (Tobiwan/ffupdater#105)
  • Make FFUpdater more resilient for the cases when the signatures of an APK file can not be extracted
  • Better handle temporary network issues
  • Upgrade dependencies

2022-05-02 Version 75.5.0 (102)

  • Thanks 109247019824, WaldiS and Oğuz Ersen for improving the translation
  • Add Kiwi Browser Next

2022-04-28 Version 75.4.3 (101)

  • Thanks 109247019824, Oğuz Ersen and Vitor Henrique for improving the translation
  • Background job can be stopped more reliable by the operating system (Tobi823/ffupdater#148)
  • Improve check for GitHub rate limit (Tobi823/ffupdater#152)

2022-04-28 Version 75.4.2 (100)

  • Fix crash of session installer on OnePlus devices (Tobi823/ffupdater#153)

2022-04-27 Version 75.4.1 (99)

  • Improve translations - thanks:
    • Oğuz Ersen: Turkish
    • 109247019824: Bulgarian
  • Add option to use the older native installer for devices which buggy PackageInstaller implementation e.g. Samsung and Xiaomi (Tobi823/ffupdater#150)
  • Better display the warnings/downsides for each browser
  • Cleanup and refactor code

2022-04-23 Version 75.4.0 (98)

  • Improve translations - thanks:
    • Allan Nordhøy: Norwegian Bokmål
    • Oğuz Ersen: Turkish
    • 109247019824: Bulgarian
    • J. Lavoie: Italien, French
  • Show download progress in background download notification
  • Add new settings for controlling the cache behaviour
  • Remove the "retry installation" button from InstallActivity because it should no longer be necessary
  • Fix bugs, cleanup code
  • Integrate Weblate

2022-04-19 Version 75.3.0 (97)

  • Add Brave Beta and Brave Nightly
  • Add Turkish translation (thanks metezd - Tobi823/ffupdater#129)
  • Add Bromite SystemWebView
  • Support silent background updates for Android 12+ and rooted devices
  • Try to improve the SessionInstaller

2022-04-17 Version 75.2.1 (96)

  • Fix the "can't install a new app" bug
  • Add Russian translation for the changelog (thanks Nickoriginal - Tobi823/ffupdater#127)

2022-04-10 Version 75.2.0 (95)

  • If FFUpdater is installed from the GitHub/GitLab/Repository, it can update itself.
  • Overhauled settings menu with more control over network and background activities.
  • More background network retries to avoid unnecessary error messages

2022-04-08 Version 75.1.0 (94)

  • Add Czech translation (thanks Juraj Motuz - Tobi823/ffupdater#122)
  • Replace the Android DownloadManager with the library OkHttp

2022-03-18 Version 75.0.2 (93)

2022-03-01 Version 75.0.1 (92)

  • Adapt Firefox Klar and Firefox Focus to the new file names in the Github repository (fix missed Focus/Klar updates)

2022-01-02 Version 75.0.0 (91)

  • Remove Styx because it is not longer maintained (Tobi823/ffupdater#101).
  • Improve version comparison with G00fY2/version-compare (Tobi823/ffupdater#98).
  • Fix opt-out of apps from background update check ("Excluded applications") for Firefox Release, Firefox Beta and Firefox Nightly (Tobi823/ffupdater#97).
  • Don't crash during app installation/update when no or only very little storage is available ( Tobi823/ffupdater#96).
  • When app update is unsuccessful, show more detailed error message.
  • Update dependencies

2021-12-05 Version 74.5.3 (90)

  • Fix Brave update check

2021-11-08 Version 74.5.2 (89)

  • Update warning for Vivaldi (thanks gnuhead-chieb - Tobi823/ffupdater#92)
  • Make links in dialogs clickable

2021-11-07 Version 74.5.1 (88)

  • Add Vivaldi (Tobiwan/ffupdater#89)
  • Add Ungoogled Chromium (Tobi823/ffupdater#50)
  • Update description of Firefox Klar (thanks cosify - Tobi823/ffupdater#91)
  • Crash report can partially selected and copied
  • Cleanup build scripts

2021-11-01 Version 74.5.0 (87)

  • Improve internet check. (Tobi823/ffupdater#87)
    • Use the old network check API for Android 10 and below.
    • Handle network errors better in the app.
  • Reduce storage usage for devices with low internal memory. (Tobiwan/ffupdater#88)
    • If an app update fails, keep the cached app update (APK file).
    • If an app update is successful or a critical error (wrong certificate fingerprint) occurs, delete the cached app update (APK file).
    • Download and keep the APK file in the Android/data/de.marmaro.krt.ffupdater/files/Download folder and use this folder as a cache folder.
    • Do not copy the downloaded APK file to a official cache folder which is invisible to the user.
    • User can delete the downloaded app updates (APK files) in the Android app settings > Storage > Manage Space.
    • If an app update fails, show buttons for:
    • deleting the app update in the cache folder.
    • opening the cache folder with a file manager app.
    • When migrating to this version, the app will delete old cache files.
  • Update dependencies:
    • androidx.core:core-ktx to 1.7.0
    • androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-runtime-ktx to 2.4.0

2021-10-20 Version 74.4.7 (86)

  • Fix "Permission Denial" bug on Android devices (Tobiwan/ffupdater#86)
  • Speed-up app installation/update by not requiring to press a button
  • Improve crash report styling and add important device information to the crash report
  • Improve internal condition checks and add improved error messages
  • Remove unused dependencies androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx and org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk7

2021-10-25 Version 74.4.6 (85)

  • Download only "Firefox Focus/Klar" and not "Firefox Focus/Klar Beta" (Tobi823/ffupdater#89)
  • Try out the Android 12 "silent update" feature when user manual updates an app (Tobi823/ffupdater#88)

2021-10-07 Version 74.4.5 (84)

  • Small mistake, I forget to add important changes to 74.4.4
  • Improve handling of Kotlin coroutine errors (Tobiwan/ffupdater#85 Tobi823/ffupdater#86)
  • Improve and speed up internet check
  • Handle disabled "Download Manager" better
  • Improve translation
  • Update dependencies

2021-10-07 Version 74.4.4 (83)

  • Improve handling of Kotlin coroutine errors (Tobiwan/ffupdater#85 Tobi823/ffupdater#86)
  • Improve and speed up internet check
  • Handle disabled "Download Manager" better
  • Improve translation
  • Update dependencies

2021-09-29 Version 74.4.3 (82)

  • Improve handling of concurrent code
  • Fix crash when starting app (NetworkOnMainThreadException) ()
  • Fix missing icon (in repomaker and maybe F-Droid)
  • Improve translation files
  • Cleanup and refactor code

Version 74.4.2 (81)

  • Skip version

2021-09-24 Version 74.4.1 (80)

  • Fix crash when canceling a download (Tobi823/ffupdater#77)
  • Ignore error and retry background update (with exponential increasing waiting time) for CancellationException, GithubRateLimitExceededException and UnknownHostException (Tobi823/ffupdater#74)
  • Improve error handling
  • Fix download error for Focus/Klar by switching to the GitHub API (Tobiwan/ffupdater#81)

2021-08-30 Version 74.4.0 (79)

  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks mezysinc; Tobiwan/ffupdater#78)
  • Abort background update check if airplane mode is enabled (Tobi823/ffupdater#74)
  • Prevent simultaneous download by the background job and the user (Tobiwan/ffupdater#80)
  • Reduce app permission (remove WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission)

2021-08-04 Version 74.3.5 (78)

  • Fix update check for "Firefox Focus" and "Firefox Klar" (By removing everything after the dash + the dash itself from the version name of the installed app. "8.18.0-rc.1" will be converted to "8.18.0"; Tobi823/ffupdater#69)

2021-07-30 Version 74.3.4 (77)

  • Make update check more robust for "Firefox Release", "Firefox Beta", "Firefox Focus" and "Firefox Klar"

2021-07-26 Version 74.3.3 (76)

  • Fix crash when checking for "Firefox Focus" or "Firefox Klar"
  • Update Firefox Focus/Klar icon

2021-07-22 Version 74.3.2 (75)

  • Fix crash when checking for "Firefox Beta" (Tobi823/ffupdater#60)

2021-07-19 Version 74.3.1 (74)

  • Fix crash when checking for "Firefox Release" or "Firefox Beta" (Tobi823/ffupdater#57)

2021-07-06 Version 74.3.0 (73)

  • Add Polish language (thanks Eryk Michalak, Tobiwan/ffupdater_gitlab#11)
  • Fix crash when checking for "Firefox Release" updates (Tobi823/ffupdater#52)

2021-06-22 Version 74.2.0 (72)

2021-06-03 Version 74.1.1 (71)

  • Fix Firefox Beta by adapting to the new structure of the chain_of_trust.log (Tobi823/ffupdater#44)

2021-05-29 Version 74.1.0 (70)

2021-05-18 Version 74.0.0 (69)

2021-05-18 Version 73.1.4 (68)

  • Instruct user if app installation is aborted by "MIUI Optimization" (Tobi823/ffupdater#41)

2021-05-07 Version 73.1.3 (67)

  • Fix crash caused by the new Firefox Nightly version name schema (Tobi823/ffupdater#40 Tobi823/ffupdater#66)

2021-04-25 Version 73.1.2 (66)

  • If it is likely that it is just a network error during manual update search, then display "No network connection" instead of crashing (Tobi823/ffupdater#38)

2021-04-18 Version 73.1.1 (65)

2021-04-18 Version 73.1.0 (64)

  • Trust user certificates when checking for updates and downloading updates (for AdGuard, Tobi823/ffupdater#37)
  • Prevent automatic backup of failed downloads by Google's "Auto Backup for Apps"

2021-04-17 Version 73.0.1 (63)

  • There has been a discussion on Github if the Kiwi browser is spyware: (Tobi823/ffupdater#35) I think that Kiwi is not spyware but stays removed because FFUpdater is about privacy and Kiwi has no additional privacy features. F-Droid users can use other stores (like Aurora Store) to install the Kiwi browser.
  • Bug fix: automatically download app updates after disabling airplane mode
  • Bug fix: catch the JobCancellationException correctly (occurs when changing the network during background update check)

2021-04-17 Version 73.0.0 (62)

  • Remove Kiwi Browser because it is at least not privacy friendly and in the worst case a spyware (thanks nyanpasu64 Tobi823/ffupdater#35)

2021-04-13 Version 72.1.0 (61)

  • Add support for Bromite (Tobiwan/ffupdater#59 Tobi823/ffupdater#22)
  • Add support for Kiwi Browser (Tobi823/ffupdater#22)
  • Automatically download app updates in the background if the current network is unmetered and the device has enough storage (Tobi823/ffupdater#34)
  • Cache already downloaded updates (Tobi823/ffupdater#33)
  • Keep the last version of an app in the folder "/sdcard/Android/data/de.marmaro.krt.ffupdater/cache/Download" for manual downgrading. These cached versions can be deleted by using the "CLEAR CACHE" button in the settings (Tobiwan/ffupdater#62)
  • Decrease the number of false positives "background network exception" error notifications (thanks bershanskiy Tobi823/ffupdater#31)
  • Improve Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks mezysinc; Tobiwan/ffupdater#58)
  • Improve Russian translation (thanks DeenHyper74; Tobiwan/ffupdater#56)
  • Make download status translatable (Tobiwan/ffupdater#57)
  • Ask for confirmation when the user wants to update an app but the latest app version is already installed ( Tobiwan/ffupdater#60)
  • Generate UI partially programmatically (and don't use a static UI)

2021-03-14 Version 72.0.0 (60)

  • !!! Remove support for Firefox Light because updates are no longer signed and therefore pose a security risk (thanks opened and mega-stoffel)
  • User can disable the background update check on metered networks (thanks williamtheaker)
  • By clicking on the "i"-Icon, you can see the time of the last successful background update check.
  • Fix Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks mezysinc)
  • Fix Bulgarian translation (thanks StoyanDimitrov)
  • Fix spelling (thanks ku)
  • Fix crash when rotating device (thanks floringolintchi)
  • Distinguish the morning and evening version of Firefox Nightly (thanks DctrBnsttr)

2021-02-26 Version 71.0.3 (59)

  • Fix crash when installing app on Android 8 (thanks bershanskiy)
  • Show the correct notification if the background check failed due to a network exception (thanks Average_User and Diridibindy)
  • If it's likely that the user has enabled 'MIUI Optimization', instruct him to disable it (thanks Rafa ML)

2021-02-21 Version 71.0.2 (58)

  • Fix double download (thanks Redpillbug)
  • Fix crash when rotating in the settings view (thanks DeenHyper74)

2021-02-18 Version 71.0.1 (57)

  • Improve error message when the background update check failed (thanks duck-rh)

2021-02-15 Version 71.0.0 (56)

  • Add Iceraven browser
  • Display the real available versions for Release, Beta, Nightly, Focus and Klar
  • Reduce likeliness of background errors
  • Fix installation problems on older devices
  • Migrate from Java to Kotlin for better concurrency
  • Thanks StoyanDimitrov for updating the Bulgarian translation
  • Bug fixes and many more
  • Thanks mega-stoffel, Iey4iej3, Redpillbug, NANASHI0X74, StoyanDimitrov, lucker999, codingepaduli, borisovg, H-Sachse, mpeter, DeenHyper74, duck-rh, mikeklem and darkludao for bug reports
  • Thanks CharmCityCrab, TheOneWithTheBraid, codingepaduli and User1l0 for feature requests

2020-11-13 Version 70.0.1 (55)

  • Check if system download app is installed (thanks Quantumrider)
  • Fix crash during downloading (thanks hsol)

2020-11-02 Version 70.0.0 (54)

  • Add Bulgarian translation (thanks StoyanDimitrov)
  • Fix short description in F-Droid (thanks linsui)
  • Fix typo (thanks GPery and DeenHyper74)
  • A different notification for each installed app will be displayed
  • Clicking on notification will update the app
  • Better detect ABI of device - Firefox Focus can be installed on Android emulators
  • Use Crasher ( for crash reports
  • Delete old downloaded APK files more reliable
  • Drop permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE because they should not be necessary
  • Check and fail if external storage is not available
  • Query GitHub API with less network traffic
  • Cleanup code

2020-09-23 Version 69.0.5 (53)

  • Disable error when the already installed app has a different signature (because Android won't install an update with a different signature) - thanks pheki for reporting this bug
  • Add translations for this bug
  • Make the installation activity a little big more resilient

2020-09-08 Version 69.0.4 (52)

  • Fix old download urls / update check urls for Firefox Release and Firefox Beta - thanks DctrBnsttr for reporting this bug
  • Add tests to ensure that FFUpdater is always using the latest download urls

2020-08-17 Version 69.0.3 (51)

  • Fix broken Firefox Nightly installation/update - thanks 132ikl for reporting this bug

2020-08-13 Version 69.0.2 (50)

  • Thanks aevw for adding brazilian portuguese translation

2020-08-12 Version 69.0.1 (49)

  • Thanks DeenHyper74 for updating the russian translation

2020-08-05 Version 69.0.0 (48)

  • Remove Fennec Release because it's no longer supported by Mozilla
  • Rename Fenix Release, Fenix Beta and Fenix Nightly to Firefox Release, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly
  • Fix download URLs for Firefox Release, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly
  • Use the more reliable PackageInstaller-method for installing the apps (instead of the old ACTION_INSTALL_PACKAGE-method)
  • Increase minimum SDK for FFUpdater to Lollipop/21 (because PackageInstaller needs 21 and all Firefox browsers need at least 21)
  • Fix bug "empty installed text field"
  • Thanks trymeout, guysoft, rantpalas and RomainL972 for reporting bugs

2020-07-02 Version 68.4.1 (47)

  • Fix broken Fenix download - if the download is still broken for you, wait 10 minutes or delete the storage of the app
  • Check for enough free space and display warning if < 100MB

2020-06-07 Version 68.4.0 (46)

  • Add Fenix Beta, Fenix Nightly and Lockwise
  • Download Fenix Release/Beta/Nightly, Focus and Klar from Mozilla's Taskcluster (continuous integration server)
  • Fix "Light theme is always shown at first run"
  • Thanks Rail Aliiev and Johan Lorenzo from Mozilla for their support
  • Thanks KarlHeinz and DeenHyper74 for their error reporting and support

2020-05-20 Version 68.3.7 (42)

  • Add simple crash reporter (by opening the mail app with the error message)
  • Fix crash by asking for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions
  • Show progress bar when verifying the downloaded APK
  • Download APK to the public download directory of the app (for example: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/de.marmaro.krt.ffupdater/files/Download)
  • Remove old debug messages
  • Thanks yhoyhoj, UltraBlackLinux, rvandegrift, vikajon, wchen342, Ulfschaper, prox and danceswithcats for your error reporting

2020-05-18 Version 68.3 (35)

  • Try to fix error "Failed to check certificate hash" by switching from apksig-library to PackageManager#getPackageArchiveInfo (thanks rvandegrift). This will reduce the size of FFUpdater and improve the maintenance for future releases.
  • Color of collapsed title will be always white (thanks DeenHyper74)

2020-05-13 Version 68.2 (34)

  • Fix Fenix download from Github (thanks yhoyhoj)
  • Show correct download progress when downloading an app

2020-05-13 Version 68.1 (33)

  • Thanks DeenHyper74 for the Russian translation
  • Add support for Dark Theme (thanks DeenHyper74 for the tip)
  • Add setting for switching between Dark and Light Theme

2020-05-06 Version 68.0 (32)

  • Really big update
  • Add support for Firefox Klar, Firefox Focus, Firefox Lite and Fenix
  • Download and install the app inside FFUpdater (thanks wolfgang42 for the groundwork)
  • Improve UI
  • Verify the certificate of the downloaded and installed app
  • Many improvements
  • Thanks DeenHyper74 and xin for translations
  • Remove Fennec Beta and Fennec Nightly because their are not developed anymore

2019-06-28 Version 67.4 (31)

  • Fix warning dialogue disappears after screen rotation (thanks DeenHyper74)

2019-06-28 Version 67.3 (30)

  • Fix crash when selecting an entry after rotating the channel dialog (thanks DeenHyper74)

2019-06-28 Version 67.2 (29)

  • Fix crash when rotating on channel dialog (thanks DeenHyper74)

2019-06-28 Version 67.1 (28)

  • Update Russian translation (thanks DeenHyper74)

2019-06-28 Version 67.0 (27)

  • Fix broken nightly download (thanks dannycolin for the info)
  • Display warning when switching from 'Release' channel to the 'Nightly' or 'Beta' channel (thanks DeenHyper74)
  • Interval between update checks is now configurable (thanks aplufr, wah6Me1l and DeenHyper74)

2019-04-25 Version 66.2 (26)

  • Improve french translation (thanks xinxinxinxinxin)
  • Fix "update notification will be shown every 5 minutes" (bug discovered by aplufr)

2019-04-25 Version 66.1 (25)

  • Add grammar fixes (thanks DeenHyper74)

2019-04-25 Version 66.0 (24)

  • Notification (for a Firefox update) now works on Android 9
  • Replace BackgroundService with WorkManager (AndroidX) for requesting Mozilla's API
  • Clean up code (thanks DeenHyper74)
  • Fix some minor bugs (thanks DeenHyper74)
  • App requires API level 18 because Firefox requires API level 18
  • Update translation

2019-04-01 Version 65.0 (23)

2018-01-07 Version 57.0 (22)

  • Add some translations

2017-06-13 Version 54.0 (21)

  • Add license report
  • Update icon
  • Add some translations

2017-05-20 Version 53.0 (20)

  • Update to 53.0
  • Use new Mozilla API to det version information
  • Remove a lot of unused code.
  • Add icon
  • Fix crash with SDK < 17
  • Enable smaller builds

2017-01-22 Version 51.0 (18)

  • Update to 51.0
  • Remove a lot of unused code.
  • Re-implement actual checking.

2016-04-29 Version 46.0 (16)

  • No changes, just bump to remind people

2016-04-06 Version 45.0.1 (15)

  • Remove everything but URL generator and download button.

2016-03-09 Version 45.0a (14)

  • Really, really quickfix Android6 issues..
  • Remove version check since it's broken: Just download the APK.

2016-03-06 Version 45.0 (13)

  • Use lower target to quickfix Android6 permissions

2016-01-26 Version 44.0 (12)

  • Update to reflect new Firefox version, but no change in architecture. Mozilla "-latest" URL still works...

2015-12-31 Version 43.0.x (11)

2015-12-25 Version 43.0 (10)

2015-12-24 Version 42.0.2 (9)

  • Update to 42.0.2

2015-11-23 Version 42.0.1 (8)

  • Update to 42.0.1

2015-11-02 Version 42.0 (7)

  • Update to 42.0

2015-09-23 Version 41.0 (6)

  • Bump to 41.0 (6)

2015-09-01 Version 40.0.3 (5)

  • Mark background setting as non-functional for now.
  • Update to 40.0.3

2015-08-10 Version 40.0 (3)

  • Remove FTP lookup since Mozilla is shutting down the servers.
  • Handle both request type by a single button.
  • "I am feeling lucky" now gets the next release, not the latest.
  • Add preferences to restrict connections: WiFi-only, metered, roaming.
  • Use actionbar.

2015-07-08 Version 39.0 (1)

  • Select download uri based on arch and api.
  • Check filename via FTP.
  • Download update file via HTTPS and DownloadManager.
  • Log errors and status.
  • Toast on updates.
  • Prompt for update (if necessary).
  • Option to use fixed/tested download location.
  • Add proper LICENSE (GPLv3+).