(to-be) free vector & traditional 2D animation software inspired by blender and krita

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Sunset Studio

Sunset Studio is a work-in-progress tool for the creation of 2D animations. Its end goal is to support integrated vector and traditional animation, with sophisticated 2D rigging tools alongside advanced drawing and composition tools, including lighting effects and procedural tools.

In essence, it is intended to make high-quality 2D animation easy to produce.

The overall structure of Sunset Studio is based largely off of Blender, with some ideas augmented by concepts from Toon Boom Harmony. It is meant to improve greatly upon Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate, both of which are proprietary and not particularly flexible tools.


As Sunset Studio is still very much in development, its build process has not really been consolidated yet. It will likely eventually either be moved to CMake or perhaps my own build system Skeltn.

In any case, you can build it right now with a simple makefile, as long as you have the requisite dependencies. If anybody is particularly interested in building Sunset or contributing to its development you can contact me at themonsterfromthedeep@gmail.com and I will look into getting a real build system set up.


  • SDL2

  • OpenGL

  • libpng

  • zlib (for libpng...?)

  • freetype

  • harfbuzz (with freetype support)

Additionally required on windows/mingw32
  • mingw32

  • gdi32

  • shell32

  • shlwapi

Development is currently taking place on Windows with MinGW. Builds will fail on Linux as DPI-awareness needs to be implemented.

Mac support is not really a priority because I have no way to possibly build this on a Mac and therefore I don't particularly care about trying. Additionally, OpenGL is deprecated on OSX which prevents me from being particularly excited about making sure everything works on Macs.