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📜 ➜ Megathread

The ultimate map for tracking down the highest grade loot. Because buying treasure is just not exciting enough to qualify as an expedition for a seasoned sailor. Every level of pirate, from rookie to expert, may utilise our Megathread, which is easy to use and presented beautifully.

Our Megathread gives only the best choices rather than a huge selection.

⛵ ➜ Important gear for your journey

  • Use Firefox + uBlock Origin with these optimized settings (Blocks advertisements & malware).
  • Change your DNS settings to one of these great choices (Bypasses website access limitations).
  • Use a reputable torrent client with a kill switch, such as qBittorrent (Allows torrenting).
  • Set up a VPN such as Mullvad or ProtonVPN (Changes IP address to hide identity).
  • Bind your torrent client to the VPN (Only allows torrenting when VPN is active).

⚠️ ➜ Warning sailor!

  • Any links that are not included in the entire Megathread have either not been approved by the moderators or the community, or have been deleted at some point. In other words, use caution anytime you sail in uncharted waters.

🗺️ ➜ Bookmark these full backups

  • If you want to save our Megathread for future reference without relying on Reddit, a complete copy is also accessible. Updated in real time alongside this version.
  • A history of the whole wiki (FAQ, Guides, and Megathread) is available on NotABug.



📑 1 ➜ Greatest Treasures

🧭 All Purpose

  • All Purpose sites for torrent search engines, aggregators & DHT crawlers in order to find as many rare content as possible which has been made public.


  • Anime is often used to describe a type of hand-drawn, animated work created in Japan, although it can also apply to other animation, such as Donghua.

📚 Books (Update in progress...)

  • Books, like manga, comics, and novels, are a recording medium for information that frequently includes several pages and is composed of text, images, or both.
  • Old version backup.

🕹️ Emulators & ROMs (Update in progress...)

  • Emulators are small programmes that simulate the actions of certain gaming consoles, whereas ROMs are digital copies of video games extracted from a cartridge or disc.

🎮 Games

  • Games, usually referred to as video games, require interaction with a user interface or input device, such as a controller or keyboard, to produce audiovisual feedback.
  • Old version backup.

📱 Mobile (Update in progress...)

  • Mobile, often known as smartphones, are portable computers that integrate computing and telephone functionality into a single device such as Android and iOS.
  • Old version backup.

🎦 Movies & TV

  • Movies & TV are works of visual art that employ moving pictures to imitate experiences and express ideas, tales, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or ambience.
  • Old version backup.

🎹 Music

  • Music is the skill of organising sound to produce any combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or other expressive content.
  • Old version backup.

⚙️ Software

  • Software is a collection of computer programmes along with supporting files and information. On the other side, the system is comprised of hardware.
  • Old version backup.

👟 Sports (Update in progress...)

  • Sports refers to any type of physical activity or game, generally competitive, that utilises physical ability and skills while entertaining players and spectators.

🧰 Tools (Update in progress...)

  • Tools for activation, userscripts, download managers, assistants, extensions and a plethroa of other supplemental software.
  • Old version backup.



📑 2 ➜ Other Treasures


  • This subreddit gathered a colossal range of links to free digital items if you're looking for an overwhelming quantity of options.

📁 Ripped

  • This is a collection of sites and tools that are trusted by the community.

📁 Shakil-Shahadat's Awesome Piracy

  • This list is based on Igglybuff's excellent work, however that repository contains many outdated links, thus it has been forked to keep it up to date.



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