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Real Torch by TenPlus1

This mod changes minetest torches so that they have a life of 20-30 minutes which is configurable using the torch_min_duration and torch_max_duration settings.

  • 2x coal lumps can be crafted into 12x coal powder
  • coal powder and an unlit torch can be crafted into a lit torch again
  • punching an unlit torch with coal powder relights it
  • punching an unlit torch with flint & steel relights it
  • punching an unlit torch with gunpowder explodes and relights it
  • never punch a lit torch with gunpowder, ow!
  • water near torches make them drop as unlit torches
  • coal powder can also be used for fuel or crafted into black dye


  • 0.1 - Initial upload
  • 0.2 - Punching unlit torch with coal powder relights torch
  • 0.3 - Torches are 2D and override any that are 3D
  • 0.4 - Changed my mind, now detects old 2D or new 3D torches and works accordingly
  • 0.5 - 2x coal lumps give 10x coal dust, also fixed check for ethereal mod
  • 0.6 - Burnout and extinguish sounds added by tacotexmex :)
  • 0.7 - Torches can be re-lit using flint & steel and gunpowder, settings added
  • 0.8 - Updated to newer functions, requires Minetest 0.4.16 to run
  • 0.9 - Use on_flood from newer 5.x functions to drop torches
  • 1.0 - Tweak code and use use_texture_alpha = "clip" to stop warnings