Player speed, gravity, jump override handler mod for Minetest

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Pova gives mod makers a set of easy to use functions that safely apply overrides for player speed, jump height and gravity effects.


'pova_loop' setting is 1.0 by default and will calculate and set overrides once a second for each player, set to 0.5 for every half a second or 0 to disable.


pova.add_override = function(name, item, def)

  • Adds a named override which can be used to add or subtract from speed, jump and gravity effects. Custom overrides are also used for specific tasks:

  • "default" sets default values for each of the settings to which overrides are added.

  • "min" provides a minimum level for each of the settings.

  • "max" provides a maximum level for each of the settings.

  • "force" overrides all and forces a value for each setting (e.g setting speed to 0 when sleeping in beds)

    • 'def.priority' can be used to set priorities for custom effects, higher numbers get applied (defaults to 50)

pova.get_override = function(name, item)

  • Returns the table containing {speed, jump, gravity} for an added item.

pova.del_override = function(name, item)

  • Removes the override settings for the item named.


  • Calculates and sets new overrides instantly, this can be used when the 'pova_loop' setting is false.



  • Initial Upload


  • Added pova.do_override(player) to instantly set overrides on list.
  • Added 'pova_loop' setting in minetest.conf to disable override calc loop


  • Added custom override names for special functions "default", "min", "max", "force"
  • Tweaked test axe to use new settings.


  • 'pova_loop' now contains loop timer in seconds, 0 to disable
  • Added def.priority setting to add_override to stop unimportant changes
  • tweak and optimize code