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  1. # If false then mobs no longer spawn in world without spawner or spawn egg
  2. mobs_spawn (Spawn Mobs) bool true
  3. # If enabled then monsters no longer spawn in world
  4. only_peaceful_mobs (Only spawn peaceful Mobs) bool false
  5. # If enabled then punching mobs no longer shows blood effects
  6. mobs_disable_blood (Disable Mob blood) bool false
  7. # If disabled then Mobs no longer destroy world blocks
  8. mobs_griefing (Griefing Mobs) bool true
  9. # If false then Mobs no longer spawn inside player protected areas
  10. mobs_spawn_protected (Spawn Mobs in protected areas) bool true
  11. # If false then Monsters no longer spawn inside player protected areas
  12. mobs_spawn_monster_protected (Spawn Monsters in protected areas) bool true
  13. # If true Mobs will be removed once a map chunk is out of view
  14. remove_far_mobs (Remove far Mobs) bool true
  15. # Sets Mob difficulty level by multiplying punch damage
  16. mob_difficulty (Mob difficulty) float 1.0
  17. # If disabled health status no longer appears above Mob when punched
  18. mob_show_health (Show Mob health) bool true
  19. # Contains a value used to multiply Mob spawn values
  20. mob_chance_multiplier (Mob chance multiplier) float 1.0
  21. # When false Mob no longer drop items when killed
  22. mobs_drop_items (Mob drops) bool true
  23. # Sets minimum distance around player that mobs cannot spawn
  24. mob_nospawn_range (Mob no-spawn range) float 12.0
  25. # Sets maximum number of active mobs in game (0 for unlimited)
  26. mob_active_limit (Mob Active Limit) float 0
  27. # Enables area check when spawning mobs
  28. mob_area_spawn (Mob Area Spawn) bool false
  29. # Enable peaceful player attack prevention
  30. enable_peaceful_player (Mobs do not attack peaceful player without reason) bool false
  31. # Enable mobs smooth rotation
  32. mob_smooth_rotate (Smooth rotation for mobs) bool true