Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tenplus1 84a9b630ce code tidy 2 months ago
  tenplus1 f792de52af update translation checks 10 months ago
  tenplus1 b9666dffb4 add fire_damage = 0 to lava flan 1 year ago
  tenplus1 5723ba508e add Land Guards 1 year ago
  tenplus1 4018a5c8e8 Added spawn.lua check for custom mob spawns, example file included 2 years ago
  tenplus1 475e0f5624 use global particle effect function for sand/lava monster 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 674afa91e5 nil check for player when using lava pick 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 86e5f4ed09 tweaked tool damage for sand, stone and tree monsters 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 eeb6a8e138 added mobs:force_capture() example to sand monster 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 ed67fa2e02 new sand monster death particles thanks to benrob 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 c06f3a55f9 sand monster has multiple blood textures added 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 9d70b64ed4 changed particles to desert sand 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 55b2e8d429 sand monsters kinda dissolve when killed 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 0f33e5c02d getpos to get_pos 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 1561ec1447 sandmonster view range now 8 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 386c2cb77a monsters spawn in different areas if ethereal detected 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 dbc5cafc5b glowing dm fireball for latest dev 5 years ago
  TenPlus1 17c6e27e44 using mobs:spawn to spawn monsters 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 38d8c555a7 changed spawn numbers 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 7f9ace3d6f Increase number of monsters in area 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 9178eb7207 Increase number of monsters in one area 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 081527629e Added intllib support (en/de) 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 1212d2a666 dungeon master updated to new dogshoot features 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 55b0599cfe Added compatibility with older mobs already spawned 6 years ago
  TenPlus1 e468946194 Initial Monsters upload 6 years ago