Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tenplus1 5009e7439d lava flan heals while in lava 2 days ago
  tenplus1 e39d06b2d8 add fire damage to obsidian flan 2 months ago
  tenplus1 b9666dffb4 add fire_damage = 0 to lava flan 2 months ago
  tenplus1 dbc501da64 lava orb and axe items glow 4 months ago
  tenplus1 4018a5c8e8 Added spawn.lua check for custom mob spawns, example file included 8 months ago
  TenPlus1 3c3d65796a since lava flan live in lava, set self.fly_in so they dont slow down when moving around 11 months ago
  tenplus1 a39eec8822 use mobs:add_mob() to add obsidian flan, also lava damages ob flan 11 months ago
  tenplus1 a6b6795eb4 tweak obsidian flan node breakage 11 months ago
  tenplus1 475e0f5624 use global particle effect function for sand/lava monster 1 year ago
  tenplus1 4477466120 tidy on_die function, add sounds 1 year ago
  tenplus1 abae5bada4 add obsidian flan 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 674afa91e5 nil check for player when using lava pick 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 cd5909697b lava flan glow in dark 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 822450e2c7 add pickaxe group to lava pick 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 6cf5b95fc9 lava pick heals lava flan when hit, increased water damage 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 e862912cca lava pick has fire=1 damage to cook mob items when they die 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 da37864f8a reduce flan spawn 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 b6dfd802d3 re-add flame on death for lava flan with air check 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 f584247096 remove lava flan death fire place 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 457be1dd82 updated spider attack animation speed 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 5431359e73 add toolranks support to lava pick 3 years ago
  TenPlus1 5d4532030b increase lava pick efficiency and wear 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 e6f77e1a76 replace global effect function with local particlespawner for lavaflan 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 386c2cb77a monsters spawn in different areas if ethereal detected 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 17c6e27e44 using mobs:spawn to spawn monsters 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 38d8c555a7 changed spawn numbers 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 7f9ace3d6f Increase number of monsters in area 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 1dc8848672 added flan on_die particles 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 c4e4986f55 Removed lava flan when dead (custom on_die) 4 years ago
  TenPlus1 081527629e Added intllib support (en/de) 5 years ago