Farming Redo for Minetest

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Farming Redo Mod

by TenPlus1

Farming Redo is a simplified version of the built-in farming mod in minetest and comes with wheat, cotton, carrot, cucumber, potato and tomato to start out with which spawn throughout the map... new foods need only be planted on tilled soil so no seeds are required, original wheat and cotton will require seeds which are found inside normal and jungle grass...

This mod works by adding your new plant to the {growing=1} group and numbering the stages from _1 to as many stages as you like, but the underscore MUST be used only once in the node name to separate plant from stage number e.g.

"farming:cotton_1" through to "farming:cotton_8" "farming:wheat_1" through to "farming:wheat_8" "farming:cucumber_4" through to "farming:cucumber_4"


  • 1.38 - Pumpkin grows into block, use chopping board to cut into 4x slices, same with melon block, 2x2 slices makes a block, cocoa pods are no longer walkable
  • 1.37 - Added custom 'growth_check(pos, nodename) function for crop nodes to use (check cocoa.lua for example)
  • 1.36 - Added Beetroot, Beetroot Soup (6x beetroot, 1x bowl), fix register_plant() issue, add new recipes
  • 1.35 - Deprecated bronze/mese/diamond hoe's, added hoe bomb and deprecated hoe's as lucky block prizes
  • 1.34 - Added scarecrow Base (5x sticks in a cross shape)
  • 1.33 - Added cooking utensils (wooden bowl, saucepan, cooking pot, baking tray, skillet, cutting board, mortar & pestle, juicer, glass mixing bowl) for easier food crafts.
  • 1.32 - Added Pea plant (textures by Andrey01) - also added Wooden Bowl and Pea Soup crafts
  • 1.31 - Added Pineapple which can be found growing in savannah areas (place pineapple in crafting to obtain 5x rings to eat and a top for re-planting), also Salt which is made from cooking a bucket of water, added food groups so it's more compatible with Ruben's food mods.
  • 1.30 - Added Garlic, Pepper and Onions thanks to Grizzly Adam for sharing textures
  • 1.29 - Updating functions so requires Minetest 0.4.16 and above to run
  • 1.28 - Added chili peppers and bowl of chili, optimized code and fixed a few bugs, added porridge
  • 1.27 - Added meshoptions to api and wheat plants, added farming.rarity setting to spawn more/less crops on map, have separate cotton/string items (4x cotton = 1x wool, 2x cotton = 2x string)
  • 1.26 - Added support for [toolranks] mod when using hoe's
  • 1.25 - Added check for farming.conf setting file to disable specific crops globally (inside mod folder) or world specific (inside world folder)
  • 1.24 - Added Hemp which can be crafted into fibre, paper, string, rope and oil.
  • 1.23 - Huge code tweak and tidy done and added barley seeds to be found in dry grass, barley can make flour for bread also.
  • 1.22 - Added grape bushes at high climates which can be cultivated into grape vines using trellis (9 sticks).
  • 1.21 - Added auto-refill code for planting crops (thanks crabman77), also fixed a few bugs
  • 1.20b - Tidied code, made api compatible with new 0.4.13 changes and changed to soil texture overlays
  • 1.20 - NEW growing routine added that allows crops to grow while player is away doing other things (thanks prestidigitator)
  • 1.14 - Added Green Beans from Crops mod (thanks sofar), little bushels in the wild but need to be grown using beanpoles crafted with 4 sticks (2 either side)
  • 1.13 - Fixed seed double-placement glitch. Mapgen now uses 0.4.12+ for plant generation
  • 1.12 - Player cannot place seeds in protected area, also growing speeds changed to match defaults
  • 1.11 - Added Straw Bale, streamlined growing abm a little, fixed melon rotation bug with screwdriver
  • 1.10 - Added Blueberry Bush and Blueberry Muffins, also Pumpkin/Melon easier to pick up, added check for unloaded map
  • 1.09 - Corn now uses single nodes instead of 1 ontop of the other, Ethanol recipe is more expensive (requires 5 corn) and some code cleanup.
  • 1.08 - Added Farming Plus compatibility, plus can be removed and no more missing nodes
  • 1.07 - Added Rhubarb and Rhubarb Pie
  • 1.06 - register_hoe and register_plant added for compatibility with default farming mod, although any plants registered will use farming redo to grow
  • 1.05 - Added Raspberry Bushels and Raspberry Smoothie
  • 1.04 - Added Donuts... normal, chocolate and apple... and a few code cleanups and now compatible with jungletree's from MoreTrees mod
  • 1.03 - Bug fixes and more compatibility as drop-in replacement for built-in farming mod
  • 1.02 - Added farming.mod string to help other mods identify which farming mod is running, if it returns "redo" then you're using this one, "" empty is built-in mod
  • 1.01 - Crafting coffee or ethanol returns empty bucket/bottle, also Cocoa spawns a little rarer
  • 1.0 - Added Cocoa which randomly grows on jungle tree's, pods give cocoa beans which can be used to farm more pods on a jungle trunk or make Cookies which have been added (or other treats)
  • 0.9 - Added Pumpkin, Jack 'O Lantern, Pumpkin Slice and Sugar (a huge thanks to for allowing me to use their textures)
  • 0.8 - Added Watermelon and Melon Slice
  • 0.7 - Added Coffee, Coffee Beans, Drinking Cup, Cold and Hot Cup of Coffee
  • 0.6 - Added Corn, Corn on the Cob... Also reworked Abm
  • 0.5 - Added Carrot, Cucumber, Potato (and Baked Potato), Tomato
  • 0.4 - Checks for Protection, also performance changes
  • 0.3 - Added Diamond and Mese hoe
  • 0.2 - Fixed check for wet soil
  • 0.1 - Fixed growing bug
  • 0.0 - Initial release

Lucky Blocks: 38