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Ethereal mod adds many new biomes and items to v7 mapgen worlds and offers the ability to explore the world collecting specific items so the player can craft special items and tools.


Grass biomes have standard green grass in which wheat seeds may be hiding, also flowers and tree's that have a chance of being an apple tree and the odd old tree which is fat with wood for the collecting.

Prairie biomes have a lighter grass with tiny flowers and have open spaces to wander around and orange tree's with juicy fruit for the eating.

Jungle biomes have tall tree's with a thick canopy that can sometime cut all light from falling to it's floor, they also have jungle grass in which you may find cotton seeds.

Grove biomes are in the humid areas which host banana tree's and ferns that may supply the odd tuber for eating.

Bamboo biomes are home to tall bamboo stalks with leafy tops and many bushes growing around the area. Bamboo can be grown from a sprout (sapling) or placed near water to grow naturally on it's own. Bamboo can be crafted into paper or wood flooring, stairs or slabs.

Snowy biomes have cold grass with snow and pine tree's growing all around in which can be found pine nuts for the nibbling.

Grey biomes are home to the giant willow tree's which hang over a trunk thick with wood.

Mesa biomes are hardened clay which can be quite colourful and home to the giant redwood tree's that tower high and give a beautiful red wood.

Mushroom biomes are spore filled hence the purple grass and has huge mushrooms growing all over. These can be used for fuel or building and the mushroom pore has a special ability that stops fall damage when a player lands on top. Mushroom spores have to be planted like crops on wet tilled soil.

Crystal biomes are a beautiful blue colour with grass dotted around with the odd crystal spike glowing at night time and tall frost tree's with pink leaves that also glow. Crystals can be collected with a pick and made into ingots when mixed with mese.

Glacier biomes are the coldest of them all with huge ice flows that can grow high into mountains covered in snow.

Desert biomes are filled with reddish sand and are home to cactus which grow fat with moisture and can be made into a last-resort drink with an empty bucket.

Sandstone biomes are like deserts but the sand has long blown away leaving stubby cactus in it's place.

Cave biomes are flat expanses of desert stone which have been hollowed out over time giving easy access to the ores below, but be careful of the first step as the fall is quite deadly.

Plains biomes are dry dirt that has been baked over time with scorched tree's dotted around that no longer grow, these are found around the...

Fiery biomes which have red sulphur dirt with stone and obsidian lava craters dotted around. Fire Flowers spawn here so be careful where you walk and only touch them if you are wearing armor.

Healing biomes are found very high up in snowy mountain areas where you can sometimes find a healing tree which is very useful for eating and building fire-proof houses (like frost tree trunks)

Sand is found all around this world and at beach fronts palm tree's grow with coconuts waiting to be picked. Sand is also found underwater and at certain depths you will find coral and seaweed which glow slightly in the depths. Be weary though, some sand may pull you in as quicksand forms around some coastal regions.

Savannah biomes contain dirt with dry grass and acacia tree's for shade which can be made into a nice pink wood.


Strawberries can be found in green grass areas and can be harvested for eating (1 health point) or planted to grow fresh new fruit.

Wild Onions are all over and like strawberries can be eaten raw or planted.

Brown and Red Mushrooms are found in the giant mushroom biomes and once picked give spores to be planted which will grow a new mushroom in shady areas, red shrooms are a tad on the poisonous side so be careful.

If Farming Redo mod is in use then all new crops will appear throughout the world.


Apart from the above, ferns can sometimes give tubers which are safe to eat, and placing a cactus and bucket together results in a green slimy concoction which can be eaten as a last-resort.

Mushroom soup can be crafted with 2 edible mushrooms and 1 bowl which can be eaten for 2 health points, although if cooked will give 3 instead.

While bamboo sprouts are poisonous eaten raw, they can be cooked into out next item...

Hearty Stew is crafted with wild onion, mushrooms, bamboo sprout or fern tuber and of course a bowl to hold it all in. This will give 8 health points or 10 when cooked.

Seaweed is found deep down in the ocean floor and makes a tasty snack on it's own or crafted into Sashimi when mixed with raw fish.

Raw Fish can be caught by fishing, yep a fishing pole is needed for this one (3 stick and 2 string) and baited with 1 worm found by crafting (2 dirt). While raw fish is tasty in itself (2 health points), it's especially tasty when cooked (5 health points) or when made into Sashimi (2 seaweed with raw fish in middle - 4 health points).

Note: to fish use baited fishing rod and punch water source repeatedly until a fish is caught in your inventory, you will have to re-bait rod to catch more, and like all fishing... be patient.


Crystal Spikes can be gotten and mixed with mese crystals to form a crystal ingot (2x crystal and 2x mese crystal), but be careful as these crystal spikes tend to hurt when you get too close.

Crystal Tools (pick, sword, axe and shovel), these are more powerful than diamond tools with the added ability of crystal shovels to pick up dirt intact with grass (soft touch) as this is needed when replanting saplings from specific biomes on their home dirt types.

Crystal blocks can be formed with 9 ingots and have a nice glowing blue colour.

Crystal Gilly Staff is a special item which required players to explore and find specific plants to make moss, and that moss then turned into the gilly staff itself which is used when underwater to replenish air supply.

Staff of Light is another special item which requires the coloured illumishrooms from underground (red, green, cyan) which are found at varying depths. This tool can be used on stone to turn it into glostone to light their way underground.

Bowls are made with any 3 wood formed into a v shape.

Fences are a special item in Ethereal where you can craft a fence from ALL wood types (wood, stick, wood - wood, stick, wood).

Gates are included for each wood type also and can be opened and closed by right-clicking (stick, wood, stick - stick, wood, stick).

Stairs and Slabs can be crafted by ALL wood types as well as crystal blocks.

Paper Walls are a quick building material made from 3x paper on each side and 3x sticks in middle.

Glostone can be crafted using a torch, stone and yellow dye, or with the help of the Staff of Light.

Vines can be crafted using 6 leaves in 2 columns, these are great for climbing.

Cobble Stairs are very handy also, with all that stone being dug up, same recipe as vines only with cobble.

Charcoal can be ised in place of coal in some recipe's and can be obtained by cooking tree trunks in a furnace or placing a scorched tree trunk in the crafting area.


Since each tree grows in a specific biome, you have to plant any saplings gotten from that tree on it's own type of dirt as well. This is where the crystal shovel comes into it's own.

Water Effects

Snow, snowblock or crystal spike placed neat water source will turn that water into ice.

Hot items like fire, lava, active furnace will turn ice and snowblock into water source or snow into flowing water.

Torches cannot be placed in the water, they will drop as an item.

Dry Dirt can be turned into normal dirt by getting it wet, also baking in furnace turns normal dirt into dry dirt which can be crafted into stairs and slabs.

Snow and Ice can be made into bricks using 2x2 recipe which in turn can be made into stairs and slabs.

Other Mods

Ethereal is compatible with Farming Redo which adds many new crops to the world and cocoa pods to the jungle tree tops... mmm, chocolate...

Mobs Redo is also compatible and spawns certain animal and monsters in specific biomes.

3D Armor mod by Stu adds Crystal Armor to the mix which gives fire protection, once enabled torches will now burn player unless 1 piece of crystal armor is worn, the more you wear the better the protection until before long you are wading in lava. Also, crystal boots give a 2x speed boost and 2x jump boost.