Doors Redo mod for Minetest

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minetest mod Doors Redo


This mod replaces the default doors mod and adds a new tool that can flip between (open, locked, protected) states of any door or trapdoor. Master keys can still be used to give players access to your locked doors.


Tech information

Door States

  • OPEN - This is like default Doors mod, can be opened by any player or dug up.
  • OWNED - This locks the door so that only the owner can open or dig the door.
  • PROTECTED - This locks the door but based on protected area the door sits inside.

Note: A protection mod must be installed to use Protected mode so that it works properly, not having one running will mean all protected doors will open for anyone who uses them.


  • default

Optional dependences:

  • screwdriver
  • protector

Mesecons Support

Each door has mesecons support baked in so that switches and pressure plates can open doors, trapdoors and fence gates. Please disable 'mesecons_doors' mod so that it works properly.


Node name Description name
doors:hidden Hidden Door Segment
doors:trapdoor Trapdoor
doors:trapdoor_steel Steel Trapdoor
doors:trapdoor_oak Oak Trapdoor
doors:door_steel Steel Door
doors:door_glass Glass Door
doors:door_obsidian_glass Obsidian Glass Door
doors:door_phiwari Phiwari's Wooden Door
doors:door_iceage IceAge's Wooden Door
doors:gate_wood Wooden Fence Gate
doors:gate_acacia_wood Acacia Fence Gate
doors:gate_junglewood Junglewood Fence Gate
doors:gate_pine_wood Pine Fence Gate
doors:gate_aspen_wood Aspen Fence Gate

Items tools

The lock tool can be crafted (top middle is 1x gold ingot, 4x steel ingots either side of middle and bottom rows). When held in players hand you can punch a door to flip between each state to open, lock (own) and protect the door.

Node item Description name
doors:lock_tool Lock Tool


Authors of source code

Originally by PilzAdam (MIT)

Modified by BlockMen (MIT): Added sounds, glass doors (glass, obsidian glass) and trapdoor.

Modified by sofar ( (MIT): Added Steel trapdoor. Re-implemented most of the door algorithms, added meshes, UV wrapped texture. Added doors API to facilitate coding mods accessing and operating doors. Added Fence Gate model, code, and sounds.

Various Minetest developers and contributors (MIT)

Finally featured by TenPlus1

Authors of media (textures)

Following textures created by Fernando Zapata (CC BY-SA 3.0): door_wood.png door_wood_a.png door_wood_a_r.png door_wood_b.png door_wood_b_r.png

Following textures created by BlockMen (CC BY-SA 3.0): door_trapdoor.png door_obsidian_glass_side.png

Following textures created by sorcerykid (CC BY-SA 3.0): door_trapdoor_oak.png door_trapdoor_oak_side.png

Following textures created by celeron55 (CC BY-SA 3.0): door_glass_a.png door_glass_b.png

Following textures created by PenguinDad (CC BY-SA 4.0): door_glass.png door_obsidian_glass.png

Following textures created by sofar (CC-BY-SA-3.0): doors_trapdoor_steel.png

Following textures created by paramat (CC-BY-SA-3.0): door_trapdoor_side.png doors_trapdoor_steel_side.png

Obsidian door textures by red-001 based on textures by Pilzadam and BlockMen (CC BY-SA 3.0): door_obsidian_glass.png

Glass door textures by Krock and paramat based on textures by VanessaE (CC BY-SA 3.0): doors_door_glass.png doors_item_glass.png

TenPlus1 (CC-BY-SA-3.0): doors_lock_tool.png

All other textures (created by PilzAdam) (CC BY-SA 3.0):

Door textures were converted to the new texture map by sofar, paramat and red-001, under the same license as the originals.

Authors of media (models)

Door 3d models by sofar (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

  • door_a.obj
  • door_b.obj Fence gate models by sofar (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
  • fencegate_open.obj
  • fencegate_closed.obj

Authors of media (sounds)

Opening-Sound created by CGEffex (CC BY 3.0), modified by BlockMen door_open.ogg Closing-Sound created by bennstir (CC BY 3.0) door_close.ogg fencegate_open.ogg: - (CC0 1.0) fencegate_close.ogg: - (CC-BY-3.0) - (CC-BY-3.0) Steel door sounds open & close (CC-BY-3.0) by HazMatt

Check license.txt