Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bas080 7532d5f896 fixed the extractor and has own texture 6 years ago
  bas080 c4416c0477 added extractor and smoker. Changed stack_max and added particles 6 years ago
  bas080 0a496fcb46 Updated screenshots 6 years ago
  bas080 2485345132 Improved the compatibility with older versions, and made small change to readme 6 years ago
  bas080 22d89767a3 removed the honey bottle, updated the readme.txt 6 years ago
  bas080 2a752112a3 Added a missing alias for compatibility with older version 6 years ago
  bas080 b7b4ddb78e Many changes including, the addition of formspecs for wild and artificial beehives, the usage of frames that get filled when artificial hive is near flowers, flowers get polinated and thus reproduce and grafting tools allows for extraction of the queen bee from wild bee hives 6 years ago
  bas080 d48efced86 incomplete code and a todo list 6 years ago
  bas 56e6524e61 Removed particles and added tiles animation. Added grafting tool for recovering the queen bee from inhabited artificial beehives and wild beehives 6 years ago
  bas 8dc4d8181a Replaced add particle with particle spawners 6 years ago
  Bas 2d3ab6c126 Updated readme 7 years ago
  bas080 2c5013f93c Minor improvements 7 years ago
  bas080 1de8aaacf0 Touchup of artificial hive node and texture 7 years ago
  bas080 5ff0b0c366 Changed artificial nodes light param 7 years ago
  bas080 5357066d16 Keep param2 same of inhabited bee hive 7 years ago
  bas080 f807099cc1 Fixed bug when pointed_thing is nil 7 years ago
  bas080 b57d0c1ef8 Make bee hive spawning rarer and remove honey craft 7 years ago
  bas080 0516bbb72f Added forum url to readme 7 years ago
  bas080 f5e38a2bc9 Added craft image 7 years ago
  bas080 b088fcb0a2 initiate 7 years ago