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  midnightpizza c974c0d48a Now its correct, hah gah 2 years ago
  midnightpizza f901e6c156 I think thats right now. 2 years ago
  midnightpizza 8607c56a1a accidently ommited a file 2 years ago
  midnightpizza cb626aa26a Oh boi, merge conflicts. be gone! 2 years ago
  midnightpizza ee7ca7b91f Revert "correct typing error" 2 years ago
  midnightpizza bf5b14abc5 Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  Raccoon 5d13d5ecc2 correct typing error 3 years ago
  Raccoon 3fdb9b86ad european channel unlock. 3 years ago
  Raccoon 5652169b93 This is broken 3 years ago
  Rocket Raccoon c48b049763 Should i feel dirty for doing this? YES! backwards compat? NO IDEA 3 years ago
  Myau e55b0270c6 this seems to work. keyboard finally responds 3 years ago
  Myau 36ae2cbdd4 ain't got bash 3 years ago
  Myau e54d3bbfaa add EfikaMX uboot specific scripts 3 years ago
  Myau 9fad53d92c fix typing error 3 years ago
  Myau c61208f01c add working but changed config off default. 3 years ago
  Myau 217310ef4e add another shell script to automate install and make uImage 3 years ago
  Myau 4a89e4c53f include stddef.h correctly 3 years ago
  Myau a2d42c6917 More Compile Fixes 3 years ago
  Myau 12f839427a The most amazing commit ever 3 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar b9fa2ad162 vpu: fix bitwork buffer segment location 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 3a6ceacb2b vpu: reserve memory for gpu to reduce load on dma_alloc 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 2fd5a777e7 ESS-165: increase DMA zone 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 079c4a435f ESS-164: remove ramzswap from default config. 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 3c4e2cc428 Reduce GPU memory to 48MB since aperture merge commit 7 years ago
  Matt Sealey 00c1f3f149 amd-gpu: correct sharedmem allocation 7 years ago
  Matt Sealey 7115396a0f amd-gpu: remove aperture concept from the memory manager 7 years ago
  Matt Sealey 9ab968f3c9 Merge branch 'master' of 7 years ago
  Matt Sealey a4cb4046ce ipu: don't follow interface pixfmt again since 32-bit is problematic 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 8451d8d6b6 amd-gpu: rework apertures 7 years ago
  Ahmed Ammar 1c537cf431 amd-gpu: increase MEM1 area some more for latest eglsink 7 years ago