Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Endes 7704de3d41 A lot o fixes 1 year ago
  Endes 996a518362 Major fixes 1 year ago
  Endes e595ad81ba Implemented third party invite and updated the readme. 1 year ago
  Endes fe93f5186a implemented guest access, room previews, room tags, client config, direct messaging, 1 year ago
  Endes cf90fc8888 Implmented room events for rooms preview 1 year ago
  Endes edd0fd2529 Implemented device management 1 year ago
  Endes 7e02804736 Implemented content repo and Room history visibility 1 year ago
  Endes 36986eb929 Some fixes 1 year ago
  Endes e572581dcd Implemented presence and another fix. 1 year ago
  Endes 8a8a0017e1 Important fixes 1 year ago
  Endes f44dc5ac9a Implemeted Receipt and minor fixes 1 year ago
  Endes 6aca9311cd Implemented typing module 1 year ago
  Endes 592d34ea3a Implemented VOIP and minor fixes 1 year ago
  Endes afed7980cf Calculating display names 1 year ago
  Endes 54f1700f47 Implemented instant message events 1 year ago
  Endes 2d2c9aac44 Fixes. 1 year ago
  Endes 568aa860c2 Update haxelib and README 2 years ago
  Endes 111c98539f Implemented Room menberships, profiles and some events 2 years ago
  Endes 70f5c6b656 Implemented getting/setting event to a room, creating it, adding alias and fixes. 2 years ago
  Endes 7f0b457666 Implementacion Filtros, Paginacion y sincronazacion de eventos 2 years ago
  Endes 78c25e6a1a Implemeted account, made some fixes and some improvments 2 years ago
  Endes 5f27c9cc65 Implamented server administration 2 years ago
  Endes ce59fcb63e Implemented UIA, session management and maked tests 2 years ago
  Endes c59b338521 Change http library, created test Unit, create class connection 2 years ago
  Endes 9b684f4bbd Implemented enums 2 years ago
  Endes 0053a32e8f Setup lib 2 years ago
  endes 0ecbf00fd9 Initial commit 2 years ago