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  1. /* License: CC0 */
  2. /* A list of rooms, where the player will be hanging around */
  3. room(0.0.0):
  4. /* Your room */
  5. description: You are in !(_name)!'s room.
  6. It is a rather bland room, containing only a desk, a chair and some posters.
  7. On the desk $(require_here:paper;lies an empty piece of paper and )$stands a computer, the monitor displaying a cryptic error message.
  8. There is a door to the north.
  9. items: chair, desk, paper, computer|pc.1, monitor, door, posters
  10. exits: north
  11. room(0.1.0):
  12. /* Second-floor hallway */
  13. description: You are in the hallway on the second floor.
  14. There is a stair leading downstairs, a door to the south which leads to your room and a door to the west which leads to your mother's office.
  15. exits: west, down|downstairs, south
  16. room(-1.1.0):
  17. /* Mom's office */
  18. description: You are in your mother's office$(require_here:pen;, a pen lying on her office)$.
  19. There is a door to the east, leading to a hallway.
  20. items: pen, computer.2
  21. exits: east
  22. room(0.1.-1):
  23. /* Hallway downstairs */
  24. description: You are in the hallway downstairs.
  25. A door to the north leads outside, a door to the south leads to the living room.
  26. There are also stairs leading upstairs.
  27. exits: north.1, south, up|upstairs
  28. room(0.0.-1):
  29. /* Living room */
  30. description: You are in the living room, which contains a couch, a table and a tv.
  31. $(require_here:note;On the table lies an emotional note to your parents.
  32. )$
  33. A door to the north leads to the hallway.
  34. items: couch, table, tv
  35. exits: north
  36. room(10.0.-1):
  37. /* Friend's home, front door */
  38. first_enter: You ride your bike towards your friends home, arriving a good fifteen minutes later...
  39. description: You are standing in front of your friend's home.
  40. The garden is fairly boring, but the door is a beautiful wooden door, a small doorbell next to it.
  41. North of you is a wooden door, to the south is the route back home.
  42. items: doorbell
  43. exits: south.2, north.3
  44. room(10.1.-1):
  45. /* Friend's home, hallway */
  46. description: You are in the hallway of your friend's home.
  47. To the north is the living room, upstairs is your friend's bedroom, to the south is the front door.
  48. exits: north, up|upstairs.5, south.4
  49. room(10.2.-1):
  50. /* Friend's home, living room */
  51. description: You are in your friend's living room.
  52. $(require_here:friend.1;Your friend is sitting on the couch, looking at you.)$$(!require_here:friend.1;The couch is empty.)$
  53. There is an exit south, leading to the hallway.
  54. items: $(equals:friend_house_access,0;friend.1)$
  55. exits: south
  56. room(10.1.0):
  57. /* Friend's bedroom */
  58. first_enter: Upon entering your friend's bedroom, she shows you her favourite game.
  59. You play for a good hour, until your phone notifies you of a new message...
  60. #(ready_for_phone=1)#
  61. description: You are in your friend's bedroom. She is playing some games. Your friend's hallway is downstairs.
  62. items: friend.2, computer.3
  63. exits: down|downstairs
  64. room(999.999.999):
  65. /* Game ends */
  66. first_enter: Our story ends here, without any conclusion.
  67. Whatever your story is, you can make it great, as long as you believe in yourself.
  68. Goodbye, for now, and thanks for playing.
  69. #(_game_over=1)#