Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sylvia van Os 1ae3a54bb0 Don't overwrite z (maximize) 5 years ago
  Sylvie 4917939f91 Disable mouse in neovim 5 years ago
  Sylvie c5fab46455 Set $EDITOR to neovim 5 years ago
  Sylvie 1352880da8 Who needs solarized anyway 5 years ago
  Sylvie b3d5113750 Add url selection plugin to tmux 5 years ago
  Sylvie 65631acceb Move files to the correct location to allow cloning into ~/ 5 years ago
  Sylvie af83424d39 Bye vim, hello Neovim 5 years ago
  Sylvie d197fe9ae8 Remove ctrlp, instead make :e nicer to use 5 years ago
  Sylvie e9cf1f935c Properly solarize term 5 years ago
  Sylvie d25cc5fb30 Don't make terminal see-through, enhances 'calm' 5 years ago
  Sylvie e78fb3a9c1 Switch to solarized, get rid of neocomplete 5 years ago
  Sylvie 1541ebff22 Add hotkey to banish mouse 5 years ago
  Sylvie 4cda17c580 Simplify opening another window in the same directory 5 years ago
  Sylvie 548291fba4 Switch to maintained ctrlp.vim fork 5 years ago
  Sylvie ab195f1178 Remove C-b bind (defaults to page up in vim), use numbers instead for :b 5 years ago
  Sylvie c1302fae92 Switch from i3status to i3blocks 6 years ago
  Sylvie 974931e8a0 Add default dunstrc 6 years ago
  Sylvie 4010562950 Simplify i3 status output 6 years ago
  Sylvie 485e5f469d Switch from cwm to i3 6 years ago
  Sylvie c16d476efe Add edgy configs 6 years ago
  Sylvie 7576ad59e9 Remove screenshots 6 years ago
  Sylvie 7aa434e243 Add .bashrc 6 years ago
  Sylvie 010357ffee Switch tmux to vi bindings and add vim-style copying 6 years ago
  Sylvie 0f77222922 Add new airline themes repo, switch to neocomplete, try out snippets and add sudo save 6 years ago
  Sylvie 099aac0a76 Save undo history between sessions 6 years ago
  Sylvia 71ecdc704d Reorder plugins and add vim-betterK 6 years ago
  Sylvie 077a8c7cbf Add supertab 6 years ago
  Sylvie 309a9bbace Show a friendly message when starting vim 6 years ago
  Sylvie 1be6346773 Add Luna colour scheme 6 years ago
  Sylvie 9e1ad7826a Remove alt+Up/Down combo 6 years ago