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Basic Tips on Finding the Best Clothes Irons

Most of us don't see ironing as a pleasant activity. But if you like the professional, crisp look to your laundry, especially your dress shirts, without spending much money, you must do it yourself. And the obvious product you must buy is a good iron.

But which factors should we consider? In addition to the best product reviews, let's have a look at these features.

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Basic irons, sold at lower prices, usually have only three temperature settings - low, medium, and high - while more expensive products offer more precise heat settings for various types of fabric.

The ideal choice is the one that allows you to adjust the temperature to a specific value, which you can take advantage of to adapt to each type of fabric you have, from cotton to delicate fabrics.

Another helpful feature you should go for is the ability to shut off automatically. It will turn the iron off when it stays in the horizontal position for a period of time. This great safety feature helps prevent the iron from overheating, avoiding accidental fires when it becomes too hot.


Steam, which is incredibly useful in removing creases, is obviously the first thing you must pay attention to when buying a steam iron.

You should find a model that features the ability to adjust the steam level. On top of that, a top-reviewed steam iron should also be able to create a burst in a focused jet, as this is very effective against tough wrinkles.

To make the water filling task easier, find products from  The King Live a model with a water tank that has a clear gauge. And if there is a spray nozzle, you can pre-moisten the fabrics to increase the effectiveness. The “no steam option” is another great feature of quality products.

The self-cleaning feature can clear clogs in the iron's soleplate by using a burst of steam. There should be no more worries about discolored water dropped on your shirts.

You can use many steam irons as steamers. Just hold it upright, then release the vertical steam. If you don't already own a steamer, this is a great workaround for dealing with wrinkles in velvet garments, drapes, and other hanging clothes.


Basically, when it comes to soleplate surfaces, there are two types – stainless steel and non-stick.

While stainless steel soleplates help transfer the heat well, you may need to scrub them to remove any built-up sizing or starch. On the other hand, non-stick surfaces use the same coating as you can find on the surfaces of cookware, which makes them easier to clean.

When finding the best product, the choice is entirely up to you, since they both work great at their jobs.

Power cord

There are cordless and corded irons. The former comes with a base, which gets heated when you plug it into a power source. In turn, this will heat the main cordless iron.

Compared with traditional corded irons, cordless irons provide a great level of maneuverability when you don't need to deal with a long, cumbersome cord. But after a few minutes (typically 5 minutes), you need to go back to the base to reheat the iron again.

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As more technology improvements have come into existence, irons also have evolved beyond traditional models. The above features are the most basic that you should weigh up before heading over to real product reviews.