• Major Code Refactor and Cleanup
    2016-01-27 0 Open 0 Closed

    Refactor code under the following guidelines:

    • Inversion of control
    • MVVM (mostly moving application logic out of view components)
    • Better specs for services
    • Thread safety
    • Establish better class hierarchy for DRY
  • User AndroidService for UploadService
    2016-02-04 0 Open 0 Closed


    Media uploads fail if the user leaves Goblinoid before it finishes.


    Create an AndroidService, which allows us to continue uploading media in a background thread.

    Solution Requirements:

    • Create a new main.py in a service subdir, per python-for-android requirements
    • Use OSC to communicate between app and service. Use tshirtman's setup as a guide
    • Since kivy can only send strings to and from the service, we need the service to instantiate the PyPump user object. This means the service needs to access credentials.json
    • Figure out how to end the service once the upload is complete. After my initial tests, this appears non-trivial
    • Bonus: See if python-for-android allows for multiple services. Ideally, we could turn all Goblinoid services into Android services