Spotify Features
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How to enable Spotify Features on Deezloader Remix (w/ Pictures)

To make Spotify Features aviable again you should:

Now you should see your Client ID and Client Secret.

After 4.2.2

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret in the respective fileds in the settings.
The fields should be at the bottom of the settings under the "Spotify Features" section.

Before 4.2.2

Open the folder where the config files are:
Windows : %appdata%/Deezloader Remix/
macOS : ~/Library/Application Support/Deezloader Remix/
Linux : /home/yourUsername/.config/Deezloader Remix/
Android: /sdcard/Deezloader Remix/

And create a file called authCredentials.js

Open it and copy paste this string:
module.exports = { clientId: 'CLIENTID_HERE', clientSecret: 'CLIENTSECRET_HERE' }
Replace CLIENTID_HERE and CLIENTSECRET_HERE with your Client ID and Client Secret from the site.

Save the file and now you can use all the Spotify Features!