update.json 629 B

  1. {
  2. "version":"4.4.0",
  3. "changelog":"This is the final update, there will be no more updates.\r\nThis app is now discontinued.\r\n\r\n- Fixed FLAC not downloading for some tracks\r\n- Fixed some tagging issues\r\n- Fixed autologin\r\n- Fixed download for albums/playlist with more than 255 songs\r\n- Fixed cover not downloading\r\n- Fixed XSS \"exploit\"\r\n- Added new badge in artist tab\r\n- Added preview volume\r\n- Added some new variables to the track and folder names\r\n- Added continuous scrolling\r\n- Added tab selection in artists\r\n- Added table sorting where possible\r\n- Added more multitag separators\r\n"
  4. }