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  1. {
  2. "version":"0.0.0",
  3. "changelog":"<script>$('#modal_msg_title').text(`Why are you still using Deezloader Remix in ${(new Date()).getFullYear()}?!`);$('#modal_msg').modal('_removeEventHandlers');$('#modal_msg .modal-footer').empty().append(`<a href='https://faq.deemix.app/' class='btn-flat waves-effect'>Read the FAQ!</a>`, `<a href='https://deemix.app/gui' class='btn waves-effect waves-light deezloader-primary'>Get deemix here!</a>`);setTimeout(function(){localStorage.removeItem('updateModal')},0);</script><b>Deezloader Remix</b> has been <b>unmaintained</b> for <b><span id='ndays'></span> days</b>!<br>It only downloads MP3s in 128kbps and can't do logins via email due to Deezer patching their APIs.<br><br>What can you do? Start using <b>deemix-gui</b>!<br><br><b>deemix-gui</b> is a better version of Deezloader Remix that it's maintained and lets you download 320kbps MP3s and FLACs.<br><sup>Only if you have a Premium or HiFi account respectively</sup><br>Note that <b>deemix-gui</b> is designed for desktop first and <b>doesn't have an Android port</b>.<br>Check the FAQs to know what your alternatives are.<br><br>So, you need to move on. Deezloader is dead. Long live <b>deemix</b>!<script>$('#ndays').text(Math.floor(((new Date()).getTime()-(new Date('04/13/2020')).getTime())/(1000*3600*24))+'')</script>"
  4. }