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  1. {
  2. "version":"4.3.0",
  3. "changelog":"<h6>Main changes:</h6>&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Loginless download is back!\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ You can still login in the Settings to view your playlists\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added option to export ARL\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Localization Support\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Merged Download from URL tab into Search tab\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Improved memory usage during downloads (Now you can download Continuous Mixes)\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Updated and improved UI\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Better feedback for errors and warnings\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Toast messages are forced to the bottom\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Made darkmode darker\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Charts are now alphabetically ordered\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Redesigned Download tab\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Made download bars more responsive\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added PWA metadata for servermode\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Changed folder management structure\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added create playlist folder option\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added template names for playlist and artist folder\r\n\r\n<h6>New Features:</h6>&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added ID3v1 support\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Divided options for Local and Embedded cover size\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added 2000x2000 cover option\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added Case Settings for title and artists\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added REST API\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added Select song for Spotify Playlists\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added support for 360 audio [No way to play them tho]\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Added option to rename the playlist file with the name of the folder\r\n\r\n<h6>Bugs fixes:</h6>&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Finished implementing Save playlist as Compilation\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed artwork caching\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed issues with autologin not working properly\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed the error 'ENOENT: no such file or directory, mkdir'\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed artist tags being too excessive\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed Explicit Variable on tracknames\r\n&nbsp;&nbsp;+ Fixed fallbacks not working properly"
  4. }