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CDSH is a simple implementation of a shell in C, and Since its purpose is demonstration (not feature completeness or even fitness for casual use), it has many limitations, including:

  • Commands must be on a single line.
  • Arguments must be separated by whitespace.
  • No quoting arguments or escaping whitespace.
  • No piping or redirection.
  • Only builtins are: cd, help, exit.

As of forking this open domain source, I wanted to give it more functionality. I do plan to give this the ability to be scripted and further as well has allowing some customization to the prompt, and per user file. I also plan to form processing of for, while, and if statements.

Current features

Simple top down script parsing functions

Compiling & Running

make; make install

cdsh &

Go from there!


CDSH is relicensed under LGPLv2 - Chris Dorman maintained!

This code is in the public domain (see UNLICENSE for more details). This means you can use, modify, and distribute it without any restriction. I appreciate, but don't require, acknowledgement in derivative work.