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SVMM - Simple Virtual Machine Manager

A simple VM manager with bash backend that runs on flatfile databases. It requires no setup (except setting properties in the config.php script). SVMM is released under the CC-BY-NC-SA v3.0 unported.

SVMM was written by Chris Dorman, 2020


  • PHP5+
  • Qemu-KVM installed and configured for KVM
  • Super user privleges


  • Modify config.php to your needs
  • Visit page to generate svmm_db for flat file user database
  • Execute SVMM backend as SU: sudo ./start-svmm start
  • Copy a fresh OS install of your choice in a qcow2 (or other format) image to svmm_db/disks/slitaz.img and alpine.img (THIS MUST BE DONE FOR THE SCRIPT TO COPY AND START A FRESH VM)


12/26/2020 - v1.3

  • [bugfix] Fix start/stop functions in some scenarios
  • Added registration codes for user registration management
  • Deletion feature.
  • CSS cleanup
  • Feature manipulation
  • [to-do] Clean up code, and create two main configuration scripts for server / client VM managers for easy setup.

9/24/2020 - v1.0

  • Working PHP front end with user registeration and login
  • Working bash back end for server management
  • Allows each user to create 1 VM
  • Allows user ability to start / stop VM
  • PHP email validation via filter_var