Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  James Onnen ecada70521 Update to version-e3a7a4e5017e4419 and remove unused arguments 2 years ago
  James Onnen 799b0e74e4 DebuggerManager not listed #3, update to version-4025061062ea41eb 2 years ago
  James Onnen 2ab0c0d4c4 Add toHSV to Color3 methods, update to version-dd4969bc8def4ad8 2 years ago
  James Onnen c468a7ae0b Add :GetEnumItems() and update to version version-24beaed44bf64d6f 2 years ago
  James Onnen 023f3e8bec Update to Roblox version-74a08d959e134fb8.json 2 years ago
  James Onnen 8a9f87f4dd Add utf8 library and update to version-d98ff27f533140d1 2 years ago
  Nim e3a023f43e read_write fields no longer use other_fields, added read_write_class 2 years ago
  Nim 464988243f if value/method can be mutated it can be given a table with children 2 years ago
  Nim bcf8fb27ad removed readonly from instance globals 2 years ago
  Nim 71ee4aca5b allow indexing arbitrary fields and fixed typo in ReadOnly detection 2 years ago
  James Onnen 8f996b6fbc Enums have Value and Name properties 2 years ago
  James Onnen f136c58c30 Baseline generation 2 years ago