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  43. <p><i>[12:14 PM] kat: @Mariteaux what the fuck is wrong with you mane</i></p>
  44. <p><strong>mariteaux</strong> (no caps) is an American Neocities user who joined in April 2018.</p>
  45. <p><a href="">His Neocities site</a> hosts <a href="" target="_blank">album reviews</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">music he's written</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">his mod work</a>, including custom levels for the original <cite>Quake</cite>. A preservationist at heart, mariteaux is best known outside of Neocities for founding the <a href="" target="_blank">Valve Developer Union</a>, a site and active Discord about archiving tools and information for games such as <cite>Quake</cite>, <cite>Half-Life</cite>, and <cite>Counter-Strike</cite>.</p>
  46. <p>mariteaux's first two months with the community were rather rocky. Infamously, he lead a crusade against the unofficial Neocities Discord, and its owner, rocketmix, over moderation decisions. This lead to <a href="discord.html">the formation of other Neocities Discord servers</a>, all of which are now defunct. mariteaux took a month off from Neocities to work out personal issues, and returned in August 2018. <!--So far, no more drama has occurred.--> He is currently working on a Neocities site directory in the spirit of the former DMOZ, tentatively titled <cite>Districts</cite>, and a few unnamed fansites.</p>
  47. <p>mariteaux is often asked whether or not he happens to be a furry, thanks to his using the Pokémon <a href="émon)" target="_blank">Flareon</a> as his avatar.</p>
  48. <blockquote><pre>[11:08 AM] HologrxphicStar: im not even a furry
  49. [11:12 AM] Mariteaux: neither am i, i'm just on a mission to find the gayest flareon icon and use that</pre></blockquote>
  50. <p>The answer continues to be a mystery for everyone involved, including mariteaux. The above image, drawn by <a href="" target="_blank">Gwta</a>, is purely conjecture.</p>
  51. <p>In his personal life, mariteaux is currently in his first year of college, studying media production. He enjoys noisy, experimental rock music (notably the band Failure, who he has written about <a href="" target="_blank">several</a> <a href="" target="_blank">times</a>), fantasy writing, rhythm games, and late 90s FPS titles such as <cite>GoldenEye</cite> and <cite>TimeSplitters</cite>.</p>
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  54. <p>References</p>
  55. I. mariteaux's website<br>
  56. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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