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  1. !!!Important bits and bobs you need to know!!!
  2. 8-2-22:
  3. After updating you'll need to uncomment line 8 in lobby/functions.lua the first run. New table added to easier retrival of global stats.
  4. 3-2-22:
  5. You can now set the spawn pos for the lobby by a game setting (technical name: traitor_lobby_spawn). By default, the game uses the same position as the popular "In our midst" server.
  6. 2-12-22:
  7. Also Important!!! Uncomment line 7 in lobby/functions.lua the first run after updating your code. This will create another new table that is required for the stats stuff to work.
  8. 2-11-22:
  9. IMPORTANT!!! After updating you'll need to uncomment line 6 in lobby/functions.lua to create the table that the stats are saved in. Remove or comment out the line after the first run, or you'll clear the stats every restart. This will be removed in the near future. Check git history if you need to add the line in to update your database. Any newly created worlds do not need this step.
  10. 2-8-22:
  11. player_attribute play_type renamed to mode. Retrieve with :get_string('mode')
  12. a mode(previously play_type) was renamed.
  13. singleplayer -> solo
  14. 2-7-22:
  15. Level buttons (lobby:button_0 and lobby_button_1) now have fields for builders names and a toggle for singleplayer playing. The builder field is referenced when a player with creative sneak punches the button. Only if their name is on the list will they be teleported to the level. This will help prevent foul play, though a player could always fly to the location manually. The singleplayer toggle will allow levels to allow/disallow people visiting by themselves. Any existing buttons will need to be updated to allow singleplayers.