Patched mainline kernels for RK3288 boards (Tinkerboard, MiQi, Firefly, ...) including the latest Mali kernel space drivers.

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Using the main script


This works whether you cloned this whole repository or just downloaded the script alone.

Don't hesitate to edit the script and replace the CROSS_COMPILE value in the script, in order to match your cross-compiling toolset prefix.
If you don't use cross-compile tools (meaning that you're compiling on your ARMv7 machine), set it like this CROSS_COMPILE=

If you'd like to reconfigure the kernel using menuconfig, nconfig, qtconfig, ... do it like this :

# Assuming that you want to use menuconfig
MAKE_CONFIG=menuconfig bash

Now, you need all the tools required to compile a kernel.
That includes, at least, gcc, make, automake, bison, flex, bc, pkg-config and some SSL library development headers (libssl-dev on Debian systems).

In order to use this script, you'll also need : wget, git and bash.

Using menuconfig also require ncurses libraries and development headers (ncurses-dev on Debian systems).

Prebuilt kernels

If you're looking for prebuilt RK3288 kernels for MiQi, Tinkerboard, Firefly boards and various RK3288 boards supported by mainline kernels, see RockMyy-Build.

Armbian provide premade Debian packages of kernels for Rockchip systems including most of the patches included here.


This repository provides patches and mainline kernel cross-compiling scripts tailored towards Rockchip 3288 boards.

The main cross-compiling script will :

  • Clone the latest release or release candidate branch of the mainline kernel;
  • Integrate the Mali Midgard r19p0 drivers to the cloned kernel;
  • Apply various RK3288 specific patches for MiQi, Tinkerboard and Firefly boards;
  • Copy and use this repository configuration file;
  • Cross-compile the patched kernel;
  • Create the folder /tmp/Rockmyy-Build and install the cross-compiled kernel in that folder.