Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Schmidt beadedefa1 update 2 weeks ago
  Tim Schmidt 61210f8c85 changed dnsmasq.conf 1 month ago
  timhsr 0872ea7093 Added efi to puppet 1 month ago
  timhsr a90660a5dc Updated Puppet 1 month ago
  timhsr 1ceb3dc585 Updated puppet config 2 months ago
  mmoeller 57d53b7d6c switched to lpxelinux, removed testing syslinux 2 months ago
  mmoeller 7b688914ae pxeserver update 2 months ago
  root d76a6acc59 missing , 2 months ago
  mmoeller cda4756fef added syslinux testing version 2 months ago
  mmoeller 8dbbd493cf switched fro tftp to http 2 months ago
  mmoeller 0d6cdfef25 Initial commit 2 months ago