Xanmod kernel templates for Void Linux

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XanMod Kernel Templates for Void Linux with Latest Mainline (EDGE), Current Stable (Stable), Long Term Support (LTS), Task Type CPU Sched (TT), Stable Real-Time (STABLE), following the versions of the Kernel XanMod. There are differences with XanMod kernel, by default is used to lz4, bc-gnu is replaced by bc-gh. The XanMod Kernel by default uses the X86_64 architecture setting, all templates support for other architectures, but you need to configure the .config file, following the Void standard.

Cloning the Repository

git clone git://notabug.org/Marcoapc/voidxanmodK.git

Choose the GCC or Clang compilation version in the linux-gcc and linux-clang folders, you need to have local Void-Packages repository, for more information see Quick start of Void Linux, copy the template folder and symbolic links to folder /void-packages/srcpkgs/. Remembering that Void Linux by default uses GCC, if you use DKMS compiled modules, use the version of the linux-gcc folder

Building and installing the kernel

Before please refer to Quick start of Void Linux

Buil the kernel, you will be interactively asked to configure each tweak. Examples of commands:

./xbps-src pkg <pkgname>-xanmod <pkgname>-xanmod-headers

Install packages

sudo xbps-install --repository hostdir/binpkgs <package_name>-xanmod <pkgname>-xanmod-headers

Remove packages

The vkpurge rm all command does not work, you need to remove kernel manually. When kernel package is upgraded, there are residues of the previous kernel version files in the /boot folder, also need to be removed manually, be careful

sudo xbps-remove  <package_name>-xanmod <pkgname>-xanmod-headers

If you want to make a donation

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