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  Lioh Moeller 7b942f462c inetd is also disabled by default in 15.x 11 months ago
  Lioh Moeller 251ee5a774 upgraded sbopkg for Current, removed LO, because jdk restriction does not exist anymore 11 months ago
  Lioh Moeller 3640a24156 added rendered PDFs 1 year ago
  Lioh Moeller a6e13f990c added rendered PDFs 1 year ago
  rsteinma 49d0210675 Stylesheet for HTML export. Installation and Erste Schritte updated. 1 year ago
  rsteinma 2fbb727398 Created PDFs with page numbers 1 year ago
  rsteinma 548a315ae3 Part current updated 1 year ago
  Lioh Moeller 3487419626 updated Current Guideline 2 years ago
  lmoeller 35679289aa updated refs 3 years ago
  lmoeller 7bc01588fe initial commit 3 years ago