Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jaidyn Levesque b7acfce87d Fix multi-line error 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 83c621644b Manpage tweaking, setlist tweaking 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 13a653da82 Misc. changes 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 3fa6ab8196 Misc 6.6 updates 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 05d434219c Cleanup, bug-fixes. 10 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 4f69371a6d Copy new keys to install 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Levesque c981d01ca5 New install.sub; update root.mail 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Lev 29b7892e8b Fix getty branding 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Lev 2a723f3949 Fixed rc arch branding 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Lev c67cd13e78 Fixed man branding 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Lev 12970cdd39 Fixed perl & man brandign 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Lev a5e7e1dc02 Removed kernel-level rebranding 2 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 6cdaf68863 Update xenodm patching 2 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 0a8c985c29 Added 6.3 and 6.4 keys 2 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 7aaeaeda62 General cleanup; proper uname-obsd patches 2 years ago
  Jade Levesque 530b1ed0e8 Man-page fixes 2 years ago
  Jade Levesque ba6dc1307c Removed 5.9 key 2 years ago
  Einhard Leichtfuß 851f95c0d7 Replace spaces by tabs 2 years ago
  Jade Levesque 2e6021fb72 Fix uname-obsd listing 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque c88c47edea Various fixes 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque 2250c0a2fc Add LibertyBSD keys to /etc/signify 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque 1d7fc5f6f1 Fixed free-software.7 and uname pax(1) issue 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque 4b6a9e53c3 Various fixes 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque 921e05eb25 Various fixes 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque ad81f30847 Fixed perl & lineadd() 3 years ago
  jadedctrl 88d630422c Various fixes 3 years ago
  jadedctrl 0d0aa35a85 Added a space() function to libdeblob; fixed Perl 3 years ago
  jadedctrl 60fa63ece6 Support for SRC_DIR argument 3 years ago
  Jade 6a40bb79f6 Various updates 3 years ago
  Jade Levesque 17aac594b3 Update src_* 3 years ago