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  Jesús 7f29c252b7 fix -> compatible with librejs 1 month ago
  Jesús 19e8817875 fix color fn in comments 1 month ago
  Jesús c052d4f30d add 20px margin-bottom to paragraph 1 month ago
  Jesús b03841283a paragraph size adjustment 1 month ago
  Jesús 69641d9cbe remove spaces 1 month ago
  Jesús fa4aced896 minor fix 2 months ago
  Jesús 1a23a2ee8e Added generate languages on 2 months ago
  Jesús a9453dea89 generated language gl_ES 2 months ago
  Jesús c83674ea45 fixed position numeration on list 2 months ago
  Jesús c2cbb2ce96 update readme.txt 3 months ago
  Jesús E cd7b7907ed Merge branch 'master' of jorgesumle/Lidra-theme into master 3 months ago
  Jorge Maldonado Ventura 7fc28fcd94 Mejora traducción al gallego 3 months ago
  Jesús 7647508b89 minor fix on text in 3 months ago
  Jesús 1eb0c3fad5 add command to not show the sourcemap when compiling sass 3 months ago
  Jesús 6491b69551 add padding to the comments box 3 months ago
  Jesús ed92eac278 minor fix pixel screen 3 months ago
  Jesús 197c12b6e0 minor fix on button 3 months ago
  Jesús 2119f0832c Improve button style search on small screen 3 months ago
  Jesús 8e0e893ed9 improves the colors and variables of the theme 3 months ago
  Jesús a432a498d2 change to value #fff for variable $blanco on all .sass 3 months ago
  Jesús 2ace7be6ae change to value #fff for variable $blanco 3 months ago
  Jesús 67d92eb6e4 renamed 3 months ago
  Jesús 2e44b4295e Add 3 months ago
  Jesús a8a7d0d21d add emacs to .gitignore 3 months ago
  Jesús 0bd1668815 new testing on v4.9.5 3 months ago
  Jesús d56b5144bd menu.css is already in _header.sass 3 months ago
  Jorge Maldonado Ventura e967a91bc3 Añade traducción al gallego 3 months ago
  Jesús d33c9ae13e change testing version 4 months ago
  Jesús 0d2634a66e Update languages 4 months ago
  Jesús f60fa46eff update languages 4 months ago