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  Grace Past 288278226b Das new ChangeLog 1 year ago
  Grace Past 165720ec81 o 1 year ago
  Grace Past 1a558bd6a6 Merge branch '2017.7' 1 year ago
  Grace Past 2c3185f5f7 Ready to go! 1 year ago
  Grace Past ac1930fbbb Preparing to publish apt repos! 1 year ago
  Grace Past d8ffbf6a9e Ensuring Packages is logged in Release so Apt won't throw a hissy fit! 1 year ago
  Grace Past ae053196b0 Fixed APT repo creation signature- -o option was needed 1 year ago
  Grace Past 68df1de039 Apt Repos 1 year ago
  Grace Past c324f0b473 Repos: Trial 1 1 year ago
  Grace Past 2cdb0934d5 Now archive branch is a PPA! 1 year ago
  Grace Past 18bf52e486 Merging from 2017.7 1 year ago
  Grace Past fdd443fc53 Now makes correctly! 1 year ago
  Grace Past 70994b16af A few minor finishing touches 1 year ago
  Grace Past 3bc89393ed INIT for repos . 1 year ago
  Grace Past a4da7b727f Merge branch '2017.6' 1 year ago
  Grace Past 07bd704d06 Cleaning install process 1 year ago
  Grace Past 4778d36a83 Increasing pkg manager centrality 1 year ago
  Grace Past 3f11d547bb Merge branch '2017.6' 2 years ago
  Grace Past cdbf7de1a4 Added Library& GNU support/mission 2 years ago
  Grace Past dc41798b50 Merge branch '2017.6' 2 years ago
  Grace Past 3499061bb8 Ensuring the JS message gets out 2 years ago
  Grace Past c4b0e5156a Merge branch '2017.6' 2 years ago
  Grace Past 5b9233c3e4 RELEASEgit add ! 2 years ago
  Grace Past 635bb32a08 Merging from 2017.6 2 years ago
  Grace Past 48848a56ec Making it slightly more publication-ready, and completing the bugfix. 2 years ago
  Grace Past 029da204a2 It turns out the variable newvpage wasn't just defined for fun- imagine that! 2 years ago
  Grace Past 30911cd377 Don't delete the entire release before blagging about it... 2 years ago
  Grace Past 41699fc82c Merge branch '2017.6' 2 years ago
  Grace Past 3651d43187 Looking better... 2 years ago
  Grace Past c997376003 Merge branch '2017.6' 2 years ago