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There sadly isn't all that much that I an say about this website apart from that it was made on 2019-05-30 and was more of an experiment rather than something I would dedicate my work and time into. The reason why it was made was to simply test emojies in URLs, seeing if sundomains would work with them and yes, they do work fine, although I rather doubt that I will ever make a website, subdomain, or really any important page that has an emoji in its URL, mostly for two reasons: First is simply that not all browsers will render the emoji the exact same way as other devices (if at all for that matter), second is that it it can be a pain to type out the full URL as a lot of keyboards don't have in-built emojis, and when they do, who wants to scroll hundreds of emojies just to find just one important one?

I don't know if it was a shame or not that I never really did anything much with this site, I guess I wanted the experiment to be quick and fast as I was working on other things at the time, but oh well.

You are welcome to delete this file, as it will not effect the main part of the project in anyway.

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