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  17. <font color="white"><p><font size="6">OwlMan Links</a><br/>
  18. <font size="5">Good to Forget<font size="4"><P>
  20. <font color="white">If you like what I'm doing with this website, then you might like some of the websites on the list. The websites are ones that I quite like, and I hope you like them too!
  21. <P>
  23. <A HREF="">KeepVid</A> is a free web application that allows you
  24. to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.Tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion
  25. and many more. All you need is the URL of the page that has the video you want to download.
  26. This is on of the best ways to download videos off the Internet, it's a great, free site!
  27. <P>
  28. <A HREF="">Your World of Text</A> is an infinite
  29. grid of text editable by any visitor. The changes made by other people appear on your screen
  30. as they happen. Everyone starts in the same place, but you can scroll through the world using your mouse.
  31. Put any letters at the end of the URL to go to a new world. For example, <A HREF=""></A>.
  32. They all start off blank. If you use something hard to guess, no one will be able
  33. to visit your world unless you tell them about it.
  35. <P>
  37. <A HREF="">The Internet Archive</A>,
  38. contains over 459 billion web pages that have been saved over time and
  39. is one of the biggest and best archive for the Internet, all you do is
  40. copy and paste a URL, let's say "" and put it in the
  41. "Wayback Machine". You can then see past history of that website.
  43. <P>
  45. <A HREF="">DuckDuckGo</A> is one of the best search engines out
  46. there who really care about your privacy. DuckDuckGo does not collect or share
  47. personal information (unlike say Google) so you know you're safe and sound with them.
  49. <P>
  51. <A HREF="">404 Page Found</A> started in May 2009 with
  52. the goal of uncovering dated websites (generally from 1994-2001) that are still
  53. active and have avoided major updates. Many people think that sites created in the
  54. years following the dot-com bubble burst (2001-2003) are old. This may be true, but
  55. the differences between a site from 2001 and 1996 are quite striking.
  56. It's overwhelming how much data from the days of Usenet, Gopher, and FTPs
  57. still exists in the depths of the Internet.
  59. <P>
  61. <A HREF=""></A> is a realy useful and good gif maker, very easy to use and does not put
  62. its watermark on your gif. I use this for all the gifs I make, as I find it easy to use.
  63. <P>
  64. <a href=""></a> - Much like YouTube however, it is less well known.
  65. It would be cool to see new users making great videos on the site. YouTube needs a good rival and it
  66. looks like is the one to do it! (I hope...)
  67. <P>
  68. <a href="">GifCities</a> is made up of 1000's of gifs from GeoCities (RIP).
  69. Want to find a gif from 2005? Well GifCities is the place for that! The site finds gifs from The Internet Archive's
  70. Wayback Machine and is very swell.
  71. <P>
  72. <a href="">ROTTEN.COM</a> is a classic site for sick fucks on the net. Want to see some sick shit?
  73. They got it. Want to read about weird stuff, <a href="">sure, go mad</a>. Like art? <a href="">So do they!</a>
  74. <br/>
  75. Rotten Dot Com stands as an important part of history, not only was it one of the first shock sites, it was also
  76. one of the first archives for horror and gore. Rotten was also a big target for <a href="">legal action</a>, such as <a href="">Dilbert
  77. Hole</a>, <a href="">The Fuck of The Month</a> [<a href="*/">archive</a>], <a href="">The Jewish Anti-Defamation League</a> and many more. If Rotten is just another tasteless
  78. site it's really up to you to decide, but you can't deny that Rotten has a place in history, whether that's good or bad.
  79. <P>
  80. <a href=""></a> is for l33t h4ck3rs who want to talk to other l33t h4ck3rs in private chatrooms.
  81. No message history is retained on the server so you can be even more of a l33t h4ck3r knowing you can get away with your lel trolling
  82. and your doxing.
  83. <P>
  84. <a href="">The CWCki Wiki</a> follows the life of one Christian "Christine" Weston Chandler,
  85. one of the Internets most intresting people.<br />
  86. Follow his life as he grows up from a weird kid into a even weirder adult. If you don't know who Christian is,
  87. you might know about his infamous comic "Sonichu" a "<i>parody</i>" of <a href="">Sonic the Hedgehog</a> and <a href="">Pikachu</a> that has been
  88. mocked online by 100s of 1000s of people.
  89. I would more than highly recomend having a look at this website as soon as you can, Hell, set it as your homepage.
  90. <P>
  91. <h1>NeoLinks</h1>
  92. <P>
  93. Here is a list of cool Neocitie websites, if your site is on here, then you're a cool human and very sexy and people love you.
  94. <P>
  95. <ul>
  96. <li><a href="">A.N. Lucas</a>
  97. <li><a href="">Melonking</a>
  98. <li><a href="">Web-Site-Ring: Web-Related Things</A>
  99. <li><a href="">Kicked-in-teeth</a>
  100. <li><a href="">Misti</A>
  101. <li><a href="">MuBok's Stuff</A>
  102. <li><a href="">10kB Gallery</a>
  103. <li><a href="">Moonview</A>
  104. <li><a href="">Lancer502</A>
  105. <li><a href="">strata</A>
  106. <li><a href="">Design Choices</A>
  107. </ul>
  108. <P>
  109. <h1>YouTube Links</h1>
  110. <P>
  111. <i>YouTube needs a good rival</i>... Did I write that? Well shit.
  112. <ul>
  113. <li><a href="">Crypticc</a>
  114. <li><a href="">Extra Fabulous</a>
  115. <li><a href="">exurb1a</a>
  116. <li><a href="">FailingUpwardShow</a>
  117. <li><a href="">Gggmanlives</a>
  118. <li><a href="">ICARUSLIV3S</a>
  119. <li><a href="">KrainaGrzybowTV</a>
  120. <li><a href="">Linkniak</a>
  121. <li><a href="">TheSizlacks</a>
  122. <li><a href="">Vinyl Rewind</a>
  123. <li><a href="">watchwaddle</a>
  124. </ul>
  125. <P>
  126. <h1>Newground Links</h1>
  127. <P>
  128. The problems of the future, today!
  129. <ul>
  130. <li><a href="">DannyCasale</a>
  131. <li><a href="">Pikapetey</a>
  132. <li><a href="">RoRo-Royerboat</a>
  133. <li><a href="">devilsgarage</a>
  134. <li><a href="">enzob7</a>
  135. <li><a href="">GenerallyBananas</a>
  136. <li><a href="">AtroxChobatsu</a>
  137. <li><a href="">Fatmandoo</a>
  138. <li><a href="">Wurstkugeln</a>
  139. <li><a href="">Iamthemanthatis</a>
  140. <li><a href="">Kieran-s</a>
  141. <li><a href="">graskip</a>
  142. <li><a href="">JinnDEvil</a>
  143. <li><a href="">robotsan</a>
  144. <li><a href="">Madipup</a>
  145. </ul>
  146. <P>
  147. <h1>DeviantArt Links</h1>
  148. <P>
  149. Yeah, I know that it gets a lot of hate, but, there are <i>some</i> good people on there who make fine art!
  150. <ul>
  151. <li><a href="">Dead-Opera-Star</a>
  152. <li><a href="">EdgeScar</a>
  153. <li><a href="">Bojangleee</a>
  154. <li><a href="">Explonova</a>
  155. <li><a href="">foreverforum</a>
  156. <li><a href="">Chickenwithtie</a>
  157. <li><a href="">SomeDoodNamedJack</a>
  158. </ul>
  159. <p>
  160. <h1>Tumblr Links</h1>
  161. <P>
  162. Okay, it's Tumblr, I know why people hate it.
  163. <ul>
  164. <li><a href="">eraserheadart</a>
  165. <li><a href="">sangeeboo</a>
  166. <li><a href="">jimllpaintit</a>
  167. <li><a href="">mrdiv</a>
  168. <li><a href="">redesigningtheunitedstates</a>
  169. <li><a href="">spookyfishcakes</a>
  170. </ul>
  171. <p>
  172. <h1>Reddit Links</h1>
  173. <P>
  174. <i>le</i>
  175. <ul>
  176. <li><a href="">/r/WeirdEggs</a>
  177. <li><a href="">/r/AsOldAsTheInternet</a>
  178. <li><a href="">/r/britishproblems</a>
  179. <li><a href="">/r/BritishSuccess</a>
  180. <li><a href="">/r/ComedyCemetery</a>
  181. <li><a href="">/r/fakehistoryporn</a>
  182. <li><a href="">/r/hmmm</a>
  183. <li><a href="">/r/OutOfTheLoop</a>
  184. <li><a href="">/r/overheard</a>
  185. <li><a href="">/r/PeopleFuckingDying</a>
  186. <li><a href="">/r/theresamaymays</a>
  187. <li><a href="">/r/totallynotrobots</a>
  188. <li><a href="">/r/vexillology</a>
  189. <li><a href="">/r/vexillologycirclejerk</a>
  190. </ul>
  191. <P>
  192. <h1>Google Chrome Extensions</h1>
  193. <P>
  194. Make the Web great!
  195. <ul>
  196. <li><a href="">AdBlock</a>
  197. <li><a href="">B.S. Detector</a>
  198. <li><a href="">Earth View from Google Earth</a>
  199. <li><a href="">Google Translate</a>
  200. <li><a href="">Grammarly</a>
  201. <li><a href="">Make Trump Tweets Eight Again</a>
  202. <li><a href="">Popup Blocker Pro</a>
  203. <li><a href="">Reddit Enhancement Suite</a>
  204. <li><a href="">RSS Feed Reader</a>
  205. <li><a href="">Tags for YouTube</a>
  206. <li><a href="">Wayback Machine</a>
  207. <li><a href="">Which Font Is This?</a>
  208. <li><strike><a href="">YouTube Plus</a></strike> Google removed this great add-on because their cunts. Please use this <a href="">link</A>!
  209. <li><a href="">Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google)</a>
  210. <li><a href="">/r/</a>
  211. </ul>
  212. <P>
  213. <h1>Stylish Themes</h1>
  214. <P>
  215. Lookin' nice, son.
  216. <ul>
  217. <li><a href="">Cursors - Hover File Hyperlinks</a>
  218. <li><a href="">Dark minimalistic scrollbar</a>
  219. <li><a href="">Dark Pastebin</a>
  220. <li><a href="">DarkSearch for Google</a>
  221. <li><a href="">Dusky Gray Facebook [Dark Theme]</a>
  222. <li><a href="">GitHub Dark</a>
  223. <li><a href="">Google Drive Dark</a>
  224. <li><a href="">old school gmail terminal theme</a>
  225. <li><a href="">Pastel DeviantArt 3.0</a>
  226. <li><a href="">RecordAvatar</a>
  227. <li><a href="">SoundCloud Dusk</a>
  228. <li><a href="">Spotify Slim (new player)</a>
  229. <li><a href="">Startpage - Dark</a>
  230. <li><a href="">Twitter Dark Mode (2017)</a>
  231. <li><a href="">Wikipedia Minimalistic Dark Material Design</a>
  232. <li><a href="">YouTube - Custom colors video progress bar</a>
  233. </ul>
  234. <P>
  235. <h1>On This Website</h1>
  236. <P>
  237. OwO
  238. <ul>
  239. <li><a href="">THE BEST PAGE EVER</a>
  240. <li><a href="">Pet</a>
  241. <li><a href="">YOUR WORLD OF TEXT AROUND THE WEB</a>
  242. <li><a href="">Vote For WEIRD AL!</a>
  243. <li><a href="">WHAT TIME IS IT?</a>
  244. <li><a href="">Random</a>
  245. <li><a href="">Cannibalism</a>
  246. <li><a href="">My Top Ten my Favorite Anime!</a>
  247. <li><a href="">Bart Simpson Loves Scientology</a>
  248. <li><a href="">Meme Fest</a>
  249. <li><a href="">David Bowie</a>
  250. <li><a href="">Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold</a>
  251. <li><a href="">Don't copy That Floppy</a>
  252. <li><a href="">What is Vore?</a>
  253. <li><a href="">Owls</a>
  254. <li><a href="">Penny</a>
  255. <li><a href="">Xmas Tree</a>
  256. <li><a href="">YWoT Logo</a>
  257. <li><a href="">idk</a>
  258. <li><a href="">Ken</a>
  259. </ul>
  260. <P>
  261. <B>Suggested Reading...</B>
  262. <P>
  263. <P>
  265. <A HREF="">A Complete and Total History of the
  266. Adventure Time Universe</A> by redlionking333 is a great read for any Adventure Time fan and who wants to learn more
  267. about the history of the show, it tells us of how the universe was shaped, from the Great Mushroom War all the way up
  268. to where the show is set. If you have <i>a lot</i> of spare time, read this.
  269. </BLOCKQUOTE>
  270. <P>
  271. Also~
  273. <P><a href="">Masters of Doom</A> is a book all about The Two Johns; if you
  274. love <a href="">Doom</A> you will love this book!
  275. </BLOCKQUOTE><p>
  276. <B><I>This section will be growing.</I></B> Send mail to
  277. <a href="mail.html">Clive</A> if you can suggest further
  278. sites for me to browse.
  279. <P></i></font size>
  280. <font color="black"><center>&#x2605;</center></font color>
  281. </body>
  282. </html>