A collection of vanilla Doom WADs

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Welcome To The /owlgames archive

Welcome to the /owlgames archive, a collection of vanilla Doom WADs that can run on any port!

The idea of this collection is to be like the well-known /idgames Archive, but the main difference being is that all of the mods here are limited to being vanilla only, meaning that they are able to run in DOS and ports like Chocolate Doom.

Currently we are located on GitHub and NotABug, the archive is ran by Cass "Owly" Python of neozones.club.

What We Want

In this archive, as you may have guessed, we want people to send in Doom WADs that can be run via any port of Doom, so this means that they are able to be run in say, DOS with little to no trouble. We are more than happy to home a Doom mod that you found or even made yourself, but there are a few things that we are not okay with using...

What We Don't Want

WADs that break one or more of the rules listed will be rejected from the archive.

  • WADs that don't come with a README file (if you didn't make the WAD, you can make one yourself).
  • WADs that have been made to offend someone.
  • Software that is just the full version of the Doom IWADs (don't want to buy Doom? Use Freedoom!)
  • WADs that don't work in vanilla (duh)
  • Anything that isn't packaged in a ZIP file (no 7-Zip or anything else, ZIP only!)


If you want to bug the head of this collection for whatever reason, do feel free to send them a letter over on at E-Mail or a better way to get in touch would be over on at Discord; Owly#6604 - they won't bite!

Fun fact

We are not associated with anyone, wow!